One of the best things that has come to gaming has to be social gaming, and the ability to play against people online. Opening up to the online world though also brings with it many problems, not only abuse from aggressive players, but also attacks on your game device to stop you from playing at all.

The problems of online gaming are arguably the risk of DDOS attacks to actually take you offline, attacks on your gaming accounts, and even more extreme so called Doxxing and Swatting.

Doxxing is the searching of private information about a person then publishing it online. Swatting is using this type of information to make false accusations to the police leading to them taking action. We often see this used as a tool against Streamers. Thankfully these types of attacks are becoming rarer, but there is action you can take to protect yourself from this.

One of the things is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect not only your connection to the online world, but also your anonymity. A VPN can also make your connection more robust, with systems in place to prevent DDOS attacks from taking you offline, or hindering your ability to play online.

The simple fact is, there are a lot of unscrupulous people on the internet who will use what tools they have available to make people’s lives hard. It is sadly something they enjoy, and it gives them a feeling of power. This is why online gamers have to understand the types of attacks out there, and how to beat them. Especially if they want to take their gaming to the next level.

The beauty of using a VPN is that it can be connected to through consoles and PCs, though for the best defence, a PC makes the best use from them. What is important though is to make sure you pick the best to fit your needs. Thankfully there are plenty of online reviews of the best VPNs for online gaming to give you all the information you need on which will meet your needs.

Another issue is the question of free VPN vs. a paid service. The best advice with this is to go for paid, as long as you can afford it. The chances are the VPN you use will not only be for gaming, but for everything you do online. This is where the VPN becomes worth the money you are paying for it. Giving you not only anonymity (because the VPN can spoof your IP to be anywhere in the world) but also the much-needed security for care free gaming.

When it comes to gaming, the last thing you need is to be put off by idiotic people online who want to ruin your day. In a time when we can play online, and we can even stream the gameplay for others to watch too, a good VPN can keep us online when it matters. It can also make sure that your precious ping does not let you down, when you need your internet connection to be working at its best.