There’s a new portal open in Vampire Wars, this time taking you to Tokyo and challenging you to complete the missions there in 24 days. Sounds like an awful lot of time, but when you consider that you also need an awful lot of Vampire Wars Yen Coins, you’ll appreciate all that extra time. But until you head to Tokyo in Vampire Wars, read on to find out more about the event!

There are 6 Mission Tiers (chapters) in the Tokyo portal, each with 5 missions inside, and they will be made available in time:

– A Bloody Clue (available already)
– Unrestricted Access (opens Nov 5th)
– Nukekubi’s Office (opens Nov 9th)
– The Yakuza (opens Nov 12th)
– Mr. Nukekubi (opens Nov 16)
– Geisha Troubles (opens Nov 19tt)

For every Tokyo Mission Tier you master to Level 3 in Vampire Wars, you will be awarded one Limited Edition Ability. Also, if you manage to master all the Mission Tiers in Vampire Wars Tokyo to level 3, you will be awarded with an Epic Limited Edition Ability, Zen.

Players who successfully obtain the Zen Limited Edition item during the Tokyo mission event will be eligible for a chance to win 1,000 Favor Points from Zynga – 5 players will be selected by computer at random from among those who successfully obtained Zen before the timer ran out and each will be awarded 1,000 Favor Points. An extra reason to do your best, get those Yen Coins in Vampire Wars and master the Tokyo portal!

Good luck and don’t forget to share any tips you might have with our readers!


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