Apart from opening a new portal to Tokyo in Vampire Wars, Zynga has decided to offer vampires all over the world a chance to win five hot new abilities by running a 24 days-long event, the Sun God Akem’s Gamble. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the new abilities you can win via Akem’s Gamble are:

Speed of Sol (Movement): 84 Attack, 73 Defense
Glow of Helios (Offense): 97 Attack, 60 Defense
Ra’s Brilliance (Defense): 48 Attack, 115 Defense
Amaterasu’s Light (Offense): 104 Attack, 54 Defense

If you manage to collect all these 4 abilities in time, you will be rewarded an Epic ability, the Daywalk (Movement): 130 Attack, 125 Defense. Absolutely amazing stats and finally you’ll be able to walk out in the sun. Sounds pretty fun, right? Of course it is!

As you certainly know Akem’s Gamble has one free spin per day, but those who want extra chances of completing the full set can pay 10 Favor Points for an extra chance to improve their Vampire Wars stats!. Be warned, though, not all the abilities are released at the moment of writing, so it’s no point in trying to get them all right now!