Carlito’s Way might be one of the most famous mafia flicks out there, but starting today it’s also part of Mafia Wars since Zynga decided to kick off a promotion that gives virtual mobsters a chance to do it the Carlito’s Way thanks to a promotion between the company and Universal Studios.

Back to the game, there will be two items released: one is already available, and that is the Carlito’s Way (weapon) with the following stats: 76 Attack, 44 Defense. It also costs 35 Reward Points, proving that being a classy mobster ain’t easy!

The second item that will be released later on probably for the same price, is the Carlito’s Jacket – most likely armor with a higher defense (something like 44 Attack and 76 Defense, to keep things similar)

“You try to get out, you want to go straight, but just when you thought you were done… you get pulled right back in.” Not that you don’t like it, right?

What do you feel about the Mafia Wars Carlito’s Way items? Will you buy them?