The series of timed quests continues in FrontierVille with the release of a new one for us to complete: Where Have the Pumpkins Gone, a really simple quest for those who have 70 energy to spend in an hour. Read below to find out everything about the Where Have the Pumpkins Gone FrontierVille quest!

First off, let’s start with the description of the new quest: “Gadzooks! All of the pumpkins have been gutted and turned into scary Halloween decorations! Thanksgiving’s on the way and the pumpkin pie filling industry is in big trouble: you gotta act fast!” In other words, you need to do the following to complete the Where have the Pumpkins Gone quest:

– Plant 70 pumpkins
– Harvest 70 pumpkins
– Collect 10 shipping labels

Pumpkins grow in 1 hour and you can get shipping labels for the quest by asking your friends or sending shipping lables yourself!

You must accept this new timed mission by November 16th and after accepting it, you only have 24 hours to complete it. If you manage to complete the Where Have the Pumpkins Gone quest, you will receive a reward of 300 coins and a decoration: Small Pumpkin II.

Good luck!