One of the newest initiatives coming from Valve HQ is their new model for sharing games. Under the current set up, your Steam library is yours to access on any computer that you register as a trusted device. However, you are limited to having only one computer logged onto the account at any one time. Under the proposed set up, Steam will allow you to share your game library with up to 10 friends/family members.

The initial trials will begin next week on a limited sample of 1,000 users. Some of the details and restrictions are still somewhat hazy but it’s stated that the shared library will only be accessible by one person at a time and priority on shared games will be given to the actual game owner. Region restrictions will still be enforced and games with third party keys/subscriptions may also be exempt from sharing. That being said the possibilities for sharing entire libraries with people is a mouthwatering prospect!

With all the excitement around the upcoming console releases it seems Valve want in on the action and this news will certainly turn a few heads. Anything that gives the consumer more options and less restrictions should be received well and only enhance the strong relationship Valve has with its customers. Although i have no doubt the places will be snapped up pretty quickly you can check out the Steam site for some more details and a chance to be picked for this Beta or possibly future trials.