Update: After a few mad days in which things were put back together, the overall speed of the website was crawling and many things did not work, we are finally back today, at full speed, ready to deliver the latest and best in the gaming world. And we also hope that problems like the ones we’ve had during the past several days will be nothing but bad memories. Thanks for sticking up with us during these troubled times!

Today was one of the saddest days here in the Unigamesity as the servers where the website is hosted got fried and we tried the entire day to solve the problems. As you probably saw, we couldn’t until right now and there are still many things left to be fixed. Most of the images are not loading, the loading times themselves are obscenely low and some of the website’s functions are lost.

We also had to use an older backup, so many of the comments posted yesterday were lost, as well as other statistics and the couple of modifications we had made.

Although I would love to stay here and fix all that is left, my mind and body can’t take it anymore: after 16 hours of trying to work things around, restoring back-ups and fixing whatever was there to fix, I need a rest. At least the website is functional… Tomorrow I will try to see why the images don’t show, why the overall speed is that poor and fix all that is left to be fixed.

It’s been a real nightmare today for us and I hope we will never ever go through something similar. Once again, we are sorry for all the trouble.


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