The legendary mice game may have been launched in 2010 but it’s still pretty alive in 2013. This french browser based game by Melibellule and Tigrounette has become a worldwide prominent title. The game is regularly updated and it currently offers more than 200 official maps with exclusive features. The customization is one of the most salient aspects; your mice can become the truly unique one – hats, glasses, suits and ornaments are some of the objects than you can get to decorate your mice.

Each room can get up to 100 payers at once, which can make things really frenetic and exciting. The main goal is to capture and return a cheese piece as fast as possible; your score will depend on your agility. Every match has a game assistant, the Shaman, this player has the ability to summon special environmental objects that should help you with your cheese mission. However, things don’t always go as supposed! Sometimes Shamans have no idea what to do and end up making it even harder for you. Recently new dynamic animations have been introduced, such as the balloons that make your mice fly around. In the Transformice’s world, events are mostly unexpected and surprisingly funny, making this title a perfect casual gaming piece for the whole family.


Currently, the game has around 70.000 daily players and it’s part of the top casual games list of many rating sites such as bbgsite.