Esports Betting

Esports is still a new concept to many gamblers today. It began to gain relevance as more advanced computers became available. Players can participate by placing wagers like they would in regular sports games. How can you find a good esports betting site to place your bets? This guide will highlight some top betting sites for esports. It will also highlight useful esports betting guide and tips.

What is esports?

This term is short for electronic sports. It involves playing video games against other players competitively. Individuals and teams compete to win the game and the accompanying prizes during games. Esports is a spectator sport that mimics watching professional sports.
The global esports industry was worth $1.22 billion in 2021. Also, experts predict this figure will grow to $5.48 billion in 2029. It has experienced a huge rise since 2015, and experts expect it to grow by 6%. Also, esports often involves a younger demographic ranging from 20 to 24 years.

Top esports betting sites

If you want to bet on esports, there are many options to consider. To narrow it down, below are some websites to start with.

BC Game

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Live streaming option High winning limit. Accepts cryptocurrency.


Live streaming option. High football odds. Accepts cryptocurrency. Offers basketball markets.


Quick payments.
Great football odds
HD live streaming options. Mobile betting option.


Live streaming options
Large football market.
US sports leagues are available. High winning limits.


Live streaming options
High football odds.
Tennis and basketball markets are available.

Accepts cryptocurrency.


High betting limits
Live betting events. High odds
Large betting exchange.


Live streaming option.
Accepts cryptocurrency.
High football odds.
Tennis and basketball markets are available.

Top games to bet on in esports markets

While most esports games are interesting, some offer more perks for gamblers. They have big tournaments and huge prize money. Below are some games to bet on in esports markets.

League of Legends

This game is one of the top free titles with a huge player base. It has a large Asian market and holds an annual competition for players. This competition rewards the top player with up to $5 million and garners lots of attention from esports enthusiasts.

Dota 2

This is another game with a huge fan base and a large prize pool. In 2017, the prize pool was approximately $24 million. It has battle arena games with multiplayer functions that make it interesting for spectators.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Like the games above, this one has a large player base. It also stands out as a first-person shooter with consistent updates. The game offers 5v5 options to accommodate multiple players. It also has exciting tournaments for gamblers to bet on.


This game is not as popular as others on the list. However, it is a budding franchise with an intriguing first- person shooter perspective. Players can compete against each other in events throughout the year. It hosts players worldwide, and sites like Unibet provide great betting odds for the game.

What to look out for before choosing an esports game to bet on

Choosing an excellent game to bet on depends on several factors. The most important one to consider is the genre. Some genres are more popular than others, so they have a broader betting market. For instance, first- person shooter games are quite popular.
Other genres include multiplayer online battle arenas and real-time strategy games. All these games offer spectators an exciting betting opportunity. They also make for great entertainment.

Another consideration is the accessibility of the game. Is it easy to play and understand? If a game offers simple gameplay, it will likely attract more players and spectators. Also, there is a chance that casual viewers will also take an interest in the game. As more people join, the betting markets will also become wider.
This is normal because spectators are the most critical demographic in esports. Hence, game developers are providing design features to accommodate them. Some games offer spectator mode, so others can watch the

games without being participants.

Factors that promote the growth of esports betting

Esports betting keeps growing due to the rise of video streaming, online gaming, and esports betting.

Video streaming

Social media has helped esports betting become more mainstream. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube make it easier to share live content seamlessly. The first gamers who started sharing their live videos also helped build the industry. Spectators could watch everything they do while gaming, from tournament participation to PvP games. Also, spectators from these live streams naturally became the first esports audience and gamblers.

Online gaming

This factor is not new because online gaming has been around for some time now. However, there is a significant difference between how it was in the past and now. Initially, players could compete against computers or another player. Things have changed, and more players can join a game regardless of location. Twenty players can participate in one game and compete against each other. Most people have a competitive attitude and enjoy playing games with others online. Also, it makes more sense than playing regular offline games.

Internet speeds

The internet has changed dramatically in the last decade. Speeds are now faster than ever. With faster speeds, games are more interesting to play and watch. The fast speeds made it easier for eSports to become mainstream.
In the past, players had to stay in a single room and use one console to play games. The internet was not equipped to handle online gaming. Also, the hardware was not suitable for the purpose. If the internet speeds were close to what it is today, then esports would have taken off faster.

What does the future hold for esports betting?

The future of esports betting is bright. Experts expect it to grow as more technology becomes available and older ones get updates. Several drivers will help push this growth, including sponsorships from big-name brands. Platforms like Twitch are already at the forefront of promoting online gaming via live-streaming. Others will join and create more betting markets for esports enthusiasts.