We have already checked out the best games coming in 2013, but on that list we talked mostly about well known games. There are, however, a ton of lesser known titles coming in 2013 and many of them are extremely popular. Actually, there are so many of them that we have decided to divide them by genres and today we’ll start with adventure titles because… well… A is the first letter of the alphabet!

So if you want to check out the top 5 adventure games coming in 2013 – games that you never heard about, but should’ve!


A dark, intense horror adventure game that takes place in a creepy psychiatric asylum where apparently even darker and bloodier things take place. Be prepared for some real scares and overall an extremely intense title right here, coming sometime in 2013.

1954 Alcatraz

The game takes place in San Francisco of the 50’s. Joe was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment due to an armed robbery and he is eager to break out of “The Rock”. Therefore, he needs help from his wife Christine who is facing her own problems in San Francisco. Their gangster fellow Mickey threatens Christine to kill her if she refuses to hand over the swag. However, where is the prey? Joe only knows where the hideout is and, therefore, the entire North Beach is searching for the jackpot. Expect multiple endings, different paths to follow and all of them sometime in 2013.

Hidden Dawn

Telling the story of a young girl set on a quest to find a cure for her sick father, Hidden Dawn goes further than that in a fantasy world that certainly doesn’t look a lot more different than ours, but does have a lot more magic and mystery. And since the main character has magical powers that let her control vegetation, gravity and thought, I am sure we’re up for an extremely interesting adventure game!

Jack Houston and the Necronauts

ack Houston and the Necronauts is a traditional point & click graphic adventure game set in an Edgar Rice Burroughs/Frank Frazetta inspired sci-fi world of bubble helmets, rockets ‘n ray guns. You portray Jack Houston, a test pilot on the most deadly mission of his life, one that will soon become the greatest adventure human kind has ever known.

Quest For Infamy

Another traditional point and click adventure, Quest For Infamy tells the story of a man trying to start over after running away from a shady past. The interesting thing is that the game introduces character classes, each influencing and changing the story and the way you can play the game. Really interesting!

And these are our top 5 adventure games coming in 2013 – games that you most likely never heard about before, but clearly titles to put on your watch list, because they promise to deliver a lot this year!