kids game

In the current situation of the COVID-19 crisis, schools are out, and kids are at homes locked down with their parents. Often you must be left scratching your head to find the next thing to keep them entertained.

It is definitely more difficult since parks are out of the option as well. Under normal circumstances, I would not be recommending online games to little kids, but at such times they also need their daily dose of light-hearted childhood fun.

So here are three online games for your kids to try out and have fun today!


Based on the all-time favorites of board games, this online version of Lego follows similar gameplay. Here you will have to collect bricks and buy Lego sets that you can build with a few taps. While playing, you can obtain all sorts of houses, vehicles, as well as blocky critters that roam around.

While the Lego website is essentially a store, the games section features dozens of games sorted by categories such as action, preschool, adventure, strategy, and creativity. Your kids can have hours of fun with games like Art Maker, which would let them sketch and paint their artwork.

There are also action games like the Star Wars-themed Empire vs. Rebels, or strategy and building games like Bits and Bricks. All of these games feature the use of Lego pieces in some manner.

This game is more than just simple doodling but is instead a mind activity. It can help improve the sharpness, agility, and drawing skills of your kids. In fact, has been specially designed to challenge and test your kid’s attention levels.

This family-friendly game has the potential to keep you and your kids entertained for days. The main objective is to draw on the screen to make lines that will keep the ball from hitting the bottom.

You have to collect the paint buckets from refilling the drawing paint. Using your lines and paint wisely, you have to make sure that the color doesn’t run out since that is game over. Also, you lose paint, if the ball hits the eraser. So, introduce your kids to this fun and creative challenge today!

British Council Games

In these learning games developed by British Council, kids can enjoy interactive, storytelling, crosswords, puzzles, and other features, all the while learning something new.

It is a great way to combine learning with creativity. Let your kids discover the fun of learning through these games today!

Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is almost like a set of rollercoasters. Here you have to guide discs across gates and have to collect stars as you move along.

There is some similarity with Nintendo in this game due to its graphics, design, and the nature of the gameplay. This light-hearted arcade game will surely keep your kids entertained.

Final Note

All these games are quite creative, and you can surely enjoy them with your kids. So go ahead and indulge in some family time through online gaming and keep the smiles and laughter alive!