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We may be at the brink of a new era in gaming looking at the rate at which gaming is growing.  There are over 2.7 billion gamers in the world and according to a report from Accenture in April 2021, the gaming industry is worth more than US $300 Billion. Even the other biggies like the video streaming industry and movie industry look small in front of the gaming industry today. While all the industries were suffering during the pandemic, it was the gaming industry that was booming. Games were solace for many people stuck in isolation. 

Let’s take a look at what the future of gaming is going to look like. It is ever-changing thanks to the technological advancements we are experiencing. From virtual reality, AI incorporated games, to improved consoles and cloud gaming there are many fun technologies that will change the future of gaming. 

Cloud Gaming 

Cloud gaming, unlike traditional gaming that runs on one’s console, pc or phone is more flexible and offers much ease. Among the new trends is the increased dependency on remote servers and the cloud that will boost the overall experience of gaming. Gaming on demand is another phrase for cloud gaming. This enables faster updates to roll out without worrying much about the capabilities or features of the individual devices. The processing power comes from the remote server. 

Cloud gaming also avoids the need for heavy downloads as it gives gamers the opportunity to play directly off a server. It also allows flexibility for gamers to choose their input device be it keypad, controller, mouse, or touch screen. It is great for preventing piracy and will support many platforms.

Improved Consoles

The consoles that we use today are far more intelligent than when they came out. They have been steadily improving their systems over the years. It is only fair to expect console wars to be intense than ever with processors faster than ever, refined graphics, higher frame rates, and other unique features. The next-gen consoles will be way better than their predecessors. There were many game-changing console features in the past like the PS5s custom, high-end ssds that reduced load time, and developers were forced to redesign their games with richer environments. 

Increased use of AI 

Ever since we have artificial intelligence, we have used it in everything we do. The gaming industry has incorporated AI as nobody else has to make gaming more adaptive and responsive. AI in gaming goes back as early as the 1950s. AI is implemented in games to give gamers a highly immersive experience across different platforms. 

To enrich a game’s believability and interaction, AI is used in nonplayer characters. The AI suggests behavior to these nonplayer characters and is not a human player. It is also used for procedural storytelling, where AI creates a narrative that is then integrated with the game. 

Virtual Reality 

Many years ago somebody thought of creating this reality for the future where reality only exists virtually, in a way we are living in the future. Virtual reality has so seamlessly transitioned into the gaming world. Though it is only in recent years that VR devices like Oculus and Playstation VR have gained popularity. Virtual reality is the future of gaming. 

Gamers are attracted to VR headsets simply because they offer access to escape from reality. These futuristic devices will only improve hereon. They offer intuitive and comfortable controllers along with a fast processor, sleek design, strong built-in audio, and next-generation graphics. 

The increasing number of games coming up for VR which is still considered a niche assures us of its expansion. 

A subset of VR is augmented reality (AR), which is gaining popularity. It integrates audio and video elements in real-time with gamers’ environments. AR games are available not only for gaming systems but also for tablets and smartphones. There is also mixed reality (MR) that will combine real and artificial elements for gamers to interact within games. 


The future of gaming is bright without a doubt. It is only going to keep improving and accelerating in the future as well. With each passing day, there is something new that enhances our gaming experience. The competition in the gaming world is only going to get tougher than what it already is today. 

Expect a lot more interactive and immersive gaming experience. The combination of innovation and AI is going to take the gaming industry places. The future of gaming is intelligent and beyond our imagination. From virtual reality, artificial intelligence improved gaming consoles, and more, these technologies will shape the future of gaming and change it for the better.