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Chromebooks are humble machines that can take on a lot of tasks and deliver efficiently. They are easy to carry and make our lives easy. There are a few things that you can do for your Chromebook that can make it more productive in the long run. It is not just another laptop but an important device that does a lot of your work with ease.

Chromebooks thrive with the right kind of tools paired with them, be it office, school or personal browsing using the right accessories will make your laptop more efficient. They need some amount of love and care along with careful handling and maintenance. This is possible with the multitude of accessories that are available today. Using a mouse with your Chromebook is much more comfortable than the small trackpad or attending video calls without headphones is another struggle we all have been through. After experiencing all this and more we have put together an assortment of the best accessories for your Chromebook to get the most out of this mean machine and increase its productivity.

Logitech Pebble M350 Mouse

It’s always more comfortable to use a mouse instead of a tiny trackpad. This Logitech Pebble M350 wireless is a great mouse that has a slim shape and an ergonomic design. It fits well in your hand. It connects via Bluetooth or wirelessly as well. Has a 2.4Gz wireless receiver. For effortless use, the mouse has the battery and receiver under the magnetic top plate. Stays charged for a long time up to 18 months, has silent clicks, and ultra-quiet scrolling. Great companion for you and your Chromebook. 

Brydge C Type Chrome USB Keyboard 

It’s true that some of the high-end Chromebooks have great keypads but many lack this quality. If you are the one who needs a new keypad because of this or needs it for some change, Brydge C Type Chrome USB Keyboard is the best choice there is. Investing in a good-quality keypad is a must if you are extensively into typing. It has a beautifully sleek design, made out of one-piece aluminum and it has comfortable keys that are well spaced. Connect it via C Type USB or even via Bluetooth 4.1. It is a good buy for people on the move as well. 

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

This microSD card is a much-needed accessory for your Chromebook, as usually, they come with low internal storage. You need to save all your work and data that a Chromebook just cannot manage, but they do come with a memory card slot that makes up for the low storage. This memory card comes in U3 card comes in various sizes according to your need from 32GB to 1 terabyte. 128GB will easily suffice your need to save and store your data.

Baseus 45W Fast Charger

Baseus 45W fast charger is an all-in-one wall charger kit that is an essential accessory that will allow you to quickly charge your Chromebook during the day or while traveling. It is small and easy to carry. It is a good alternative for your otherwise bulky laptop charger. This kit comes with a 45W wall charger, USB-C Cable to USB-C Cable, and an additional USB-C port to charge your phone as well. Your Chromebook will charge at 30W when both the ports are used together. It’s a great accessory for people who always run out of juice and find it tedious to use the traditional chargers. 

Fifine PC Microphone 

With almost all the world moving on to digital platforms, you need a good microphone for work and school. This Fifine PC Microphone works well with the Chromebook. We all struggle a little with our laptop microphones during those important zoom meetings or online lectures. To save you from asking “can you hear me” this microphone is a must-have. Unlike other microphones, this does not have a tripod but a sturdy stand that will also save space and give you a clutter-free desk. It has a good sound quality, is compact, and is easy to use without any drivers needed. 

Simple Modern Travel Backpack 

Running between classes or traveling around with your Chromebook? This is the best accessory if you run around with your laptop for any reason. This backpack has many compartments to store your laptop and other important things. It completely lays open flat to make packing it easy. And, for all the clumsy people this backpack is also made with water-resistant fabric to save your laptop from unwarranted rains or spills. You can open it from the top or sides according to your preference. It also comes with a laptop sleeve to quickly stuff your laptop in it and carry it around safely. It makes carrying your Chromebook easy and comfortable.

Anker Soundcore LifeQ10 Bluetooth Headphones

There are a ton of cheap headphones available today but investing in a good quality headphone will save you many dollars in the long run. These Anker Soundcore LifeQ10 Bluetooth headphones are one of the best accessories you can buy. With so many hours spent attending online meetings and school, you need headphones that are hassle-free and have good quality. These headphones have a comfortable fit and good sound quality. They come with USB C charging and a single charge lasts up to 60 hours. You can also plug it in like a wired headphone if you wish to. 


Chromebooks are great devices that do their job well but these best accessories will increase their productivity in many ways. Make your workstation more efficient with these accessories made for your Chromebook and enjoy your work to the fullest. 

Chromebooks are here to stay for a long time as they are easily portable and have decent functionality. They are easy to manage, affordable, and secure, so should be the accessories paired with them. This list of best accessories for your Chromebook does just that, making your life even more easy and secure. Even if you are going back to school or attending school online or working from home these accessories are great to use. Improve your Chromebook experience with these best accessories made for you.