Is your memory getting a little rusty? Do you keep forgetting your keys or wallet somewhere? It is ok to admit that as we grow older our memory becomes weaker. It is a natural course of life but if it is happening too early in your life you need to mend it. Our physical body needs a good diet and some amount of workouts to stay fit. Likewise, our brain also needs a good workout to keep it functioning well for a long time. 

There are multiple ways you can run your brain and improve your cognitive abilities. One such is through games on your mobile phones. Yes, not all games that you find on your phone are about racing or killing enemies, some are actually helpful to boost your memory. To save you the trouble we created a list of a few iOS games that you can play and exercise your brain to keep your memory sharp. 

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle 

All the puzzle lovers, this one’s for you. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle has various puzzles that are head-spinning but also train your brain. It has many brain teasers that will make you rack your brains. You can even play this IQ game with your friends and have fun. There is a trivia game available to play with family as well. 

From word puzzles to sudoku, there is something for every age group on this app. You can play this game even when you are offline. You can download this app for no cost. The free version has ads but it offers all the features at no charge. 


This one is one of the best and most popular games for brain training to boost memory. It has millions of users that are in all parts of the world. It has over 40 puzzles and games to keep you entertained along with brain training. Cognitive training will help with memory, speed, attention, and problem-solving. 

As you begin, you will have to take a ‘Fit Test’ which lasts for 10 minutes, that will test you on three cognitive games and give you a base score. This will enable you to see where you stand as compared to others in the same age group. The game has a free version which has limited features. To get all the features like detailed insights and other training tracking tools you will have to upgrade to the paid premium version. There is an annual one-time fee for it. 

Clockwork Brain Training 

This app has a unique feel to it, almost feels like it’s handpainted, unlike other applications that are from the same niche. Other apps have a more serious scientific look. The look of this app is inspired by Mayan art and Victorian Steampunk which makes playing more fun. 

As soon as you begin, you will meet Sprocket who is a robot to take you through the games and train your brain. There are various types of activities to train your brain’s cognitive powers and attention. There is something for everyone, even those who just want to indulge in small productive games for fun. The good thing about this app is that it has no subscription or monthly fees.           


This game again revolves around increasing your brain activity to improve your memory. Your goal is to increase your Peak score. It has more than 45 games to exercise your brain with rewards. You can set up daily goals and play quick games in between coffee breaks. You can also get insights into your performance. To make things more interesting you can even play with friends. 

Download this app for free but comes with a paid subscription that will give you premium features. 

Elevate- Brain Training 

This iOS app is great for training your brain as the name suggests. It has many memories, maths, and word games. It starts with an introduction and then assesses your reading skills, mathematics skills, writing skills, and speaking skills. After the assessment, it will give your EPQ (Elevate Proficiency Quotient) which tells you how proficient you are in each skill. 

Free download available. You get three games each day to play and train your memory.    


These iOS games will boost your memory for sure and they are highly addictive. If you want to improve your cognitive skills, you only have to take out your phone and exercise your brain. There is no reason you shouldn’t. These games are fun and do their job well. No more complaining! The best part about some of these apps is that they are fit for all age groups, which means the whole family can enjoy it together. No more excuses to miss out on such fun brain workouts.