For many people in the world, playing online casino games is nothing but a mere hobby for their free time, while for other people, it is more likely to be a sort of job, especially for casino pro gamblers.

Thanks to the bumping internet penetration of recent years, online casino sites have been growing exponentially, becoming a relevant industry in today’s economy. In particular, the variety of games tends to increase over time, along with game development companies. In addition, most casinos offer mobile-friendly options for those who want to play from a Smartphone or a tablet (you can find plenty of iOS games online). If you’d like to dive into the world of online casino games, you’d better prepare yourself to experience a stunning virtual journey! Today, most electronic casinos feature an option to pick a top game list, which makes things easier when you want to get an overview of a casino’s most played games.

Best Mainstream Casino Games In The Middle East 

People who aren’t familiar with the internet casino world may feel it’s confusing. We want to help you get closer to the best mainstream casino games of all time without effort. First of all, our overview will allow you to know the world’s most played casino browser games, considering that there might be slight differences by region. For example, in the Middle East region, most Arab gamblers appreciate and rate these Live Dealer Casino games positively. There is plenty of reasons why at least two Arab gamblers out of three choose this category of games. Just to open a parenthesis, live casino games include several live dealer games like roulette, blackjack, and many poker variants. But probably one of the most attractive aspects of live casino games is that their high payouts are even unparalleled to non-live games. 

Let’s get a look at the most played best payout casino games in the Middle East region:

  1. RouletteThe point of the game is to predict where the ball will land once the dealer has started the roulette wheel. The best feature of all roulette games (European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette) is its stake system: you can place a stake on a single number, high or low, odd or even, red or black, or you may also decide to make a unique combination and place multiple stakes per game. Finally, keep in mind that the payout amount varies according to the riskiness of your bet: the riskier your bet, the higher the payout amount, and vice versa. If you are skilled enough, roulette can turn into one of the highest payout casino games of the entire online casino world.
  2. BlackjackMany people call it twenty-one, although blackjack it’s its most popular name. Blackjack games are always at the top for nearly all casino games in Arabic casino sites. Blackjack is an evergreen game that marked the history of the casino: behind its worldwide popularity, there are simple rules to learn for everybody. The players have to get a total card value as close as possible to 21 or exactly 21 (but not over 21). The betting system of blackjack implies all players betting against the dealer.
  3. PokerThis game is a timeless favorite, today existing in many different variants. All Arab casinos in the Middle East offer 24/7 tournaments, which means that you can always find an available table to join the game. Although poker is quite a complex game, its high-level reputation and worldwide diffusion don’t stop gaining new gamblers every year. Probably, the ongoing learning and skill-building abilities that all poker variants require make the game even more intriguing and attractive.

These three games often come with very high payouts, but if you want to know more about the highest-payout games of all time, take a couple of minutes to check our link.

Reasons Why Arab Gamblers Love Live Dealer Casino Games

Live casino games are more than regular non-live games, and all skilled gamblers know it well. First of all, taking part in a live tournament means experiencing realistic game playing, more or less like you were sitting at a real-world casino table in Las Vegas. The players can have a real-life dealer, although they’re playing online. The live dealers give the cards and the wagers as if you were there with him. The best part of the experience is probably the opportunity to interact with the live dealer in real-time: you only have to make sure you turn on the live chat tool. Also, you can chat with the other players during the game, as well.

For Arab-speaking gamblers, it would be perfect to choose a casino site from the selection of Casino El Arab to be able to communicate with both the dealer and the other players in the Arabic language.In other words, the live casino experience gives you all the thrills, emotions, and gameplay excitement of a real casino without the worry about how to dress or what drink to order: you can play in all freedom even wearing pajamas and drinking a cheap beer!

Another brilliant feature makes the live casino experience a must-try: it’s the game availability around the clock. It is a cherry on top of the cake as you don’t need to wait for a seat to be free and lose your time because all the games are ready to welcome you at any time!

Finally, the advanced technology for live casinos ensures all the players a secure and fair gaming experience, which is often hard to find in real-world casino venues. These impressively five-star features explain the enormous success of live casino games among not only western gamblers but also Arab gamblers. The future of live casinos appears to shine bright in the Middle East region.