It’s almost 2020 and the gaming industry is on a continuously expansion. Smartphones started to become more powerful than a PC made 5 years ago. They’re so performant, that now you can play games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and even PUBG on them.

The fact is a lot of people started using their mobile more than they used their laptop or PC.

And of course, that is why a lot of casinos started creating betting apps.

Why did casino apps grow in popularity?

People started using smartphones more than their other devices. 2.71 billion people in the world own a smartphone. It is projected to have more than 7.33 billion mobile users until 2023. Also, 72% of the internet users will access the internet solely via smartphones until 2025.

Currently, 2 billion of people access the internet exclusively via a smartphone. This means that 51% of the global base of users use the smartphone only to surf the internet. And most importantly of it all, the smartphone is used mostly for apps. 90% of the time spent on your smartphone is in fact using apps.

There are more than 2.2 million apps available on the iOS app store and more than 2.8 million on the Google Play Store. Now, of course any serious casino would want a good app. This would actually present their company to thousand new customers – or even more.

Also, 194 billion mobile phone apps were downloaded in 2019. Smartphones started to become a part of our daily lives, a habit and something that could help us keep in touch with our loved ones.

Right now, you have a huge variety of betting apps that you can choose from. But of course, the point is to identify the best ones. So, how can you find a good betting app?

Check reviews

Reviews are extremely important on this industry. New casinos appear daily and not all of them are great. The point is to find one where you would have good odds. The reviews on BettingWorx site could surely help you find the best one.

Check bonuses

Another important thing are the bonuses. Most of the respectable casinos have a wide variety of bonuses such as : free play, welcome bonus offer, free spins, deposit bonus, etc. In fact, it’s not recommended to play at a casino that doesn’t have a deposit bonus offer. The bonuses and the other promotions are what make a casino different from another one.

Check the variety of games

Of course, another important thing is the variety of games. A good casino would have at least 100+ slot games. However, you would want to check first if the casino that you’ve picked have your favorite games.

Install more than one app

To gain a bit of advantage, it would be better if you’d have more than one app installed. This way, you could compare the bonuses, the variety of games and so on and it would be way easier to pick a favorite.