Ten years ago, if you would’ve told your friends that pretty soon they will spend most of their gaming hours on a mobile phone, playing free games and using microtransactions, they would’ve called you crazy. However, the advancements in the technology field, the huge increase of internet speed worldwide and the natural evolution that we’re dealing with (in the end, it’s a lot easier and more comfortable to play while laying in your bed, while in the train to work or during your bathroom break) made everything possible. It’s pretty obvious that the online medium is dominant when it comes to entertainment – no matter if we’re talking about traditional gaming, online casinos, betting and so on and things will only get more serious from now on. My guess? Traditional entertainment will soon become obsolete and everything will be online.

As a PC gamer, I don’t think that I have purchased a physical copy of a computer game in the past several years. Why pay for a DVD that gets scratched, lost or whatever when I have my Steam library available to me with just one click – all my games are there and I can install them and replay them in minutes? Why go to a regular store, waste my time checking out products, spend money on gas and waste time when everything is just one click away?

online gaming

Actually, why spend more money when more and more games are available for free? A few years ago, the idea of playing an AAA game without paying was crazy. Today, you can download and play the latest Mortal Kombat game for free. Everything without even leaving your favorite chair at home. Why? Because the online medium is becoming more and more popular. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s convenient.

The same goes for all other forms of entertainment, too. Just think about casinos for a while and you’ll see the next big thing that will migrate towards the online medium, which will become dominant really soon. Why spend a ton of money on gas and plane tickets to go to Vegas, when you can use those money to play more, from your living room, without even leaving your house? Any type of game that’s available in a traditional casino is now available and way more exciting on your computer, online. Take the folks at casino.netbet.co.uk as an example: they offer tens of different types of casino games, like Blackjack, roulette, slots and so on, all just one click away.

The online revolution has started and you’re being part of it already: just make sure that you don’t get left behind because whoever gets the early start has more to gain. And don’t think that it’s not going to happen: they said that traditional newspapers will never die, but today more and more are becoming online-only, while the sales of the traditional newspapers and magazines are going down. Television is following the same patterns and pretty soon all forms of entertainment will be mostly online, offering us the best experiences without forcing us to leave our homes.

Is this evolution or some scary trend that will turn us into couch potatoes in the near future? Although many would disagree, I would call it evolution. It’s how things are meant to be. I don’t want to have to spend hours driving to a store to get a video game and then be unable to play it because I’ve scratched the disc or I lost it. I don’t want to drive to the cinema, being unable to enjoy a movie thinking about a possible lunatic blasting in and starting to randomly shoot people there. I don’t want to spend money on gas or plane tickets to go to a casino, when I can get the same experience – or maybe an even better on from the comfort of my home. This is evolution and pretty soon we’ll all consider it reality: it’s just how things have to be.