The Future is Thinkific

Thinkific is incredibly simple to set up and offers a wide range of customization choices.You can rely on the platform to deliver a positive user experience, even at scale.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform that allows anyone to create and deliver great courses in minutes on their own bespoke website. Thinkific makes it easy to educate your customers, provide courses for profit, or simply grow your brand and engage your audience. The Thinkific pricing models offer something for all sizes of organisations.

Choose Your Programme

Learning how to establish a course and page on Thinkific, like any other website, will be difficult at first. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all of the top Thinkific course examples to help you get started:

Sales Marketing

Learn how to compose a sales letter.Make a note of any additional materials and resources you’ll find in your course. These are intended to enrich course material and improve your overall learning experience.

Manager Training

These are practical, tried-and-true techniques that you may use right immediately. Make your life and that of your team easier. More unified and effective performance will benefit your company. These are ‘magic’ because they require little or no investment on your part, except from some time and creativity, which this course will inspire and help you to develop.

Human Resource Training

Employee-to-employee, job-to-job, manager-to-manager, organization-to-organization, and country-to-country approaches to managing people exist. By presenting alternative human resource management (HRM) tactics, emphasising the relevance of the legal backdrop, and considering what motivates people, this course lays the groundwork for you to design your own strategy to effectively manage personnel.

Employee Training

Engage employees from the start with well-thought-out learning programmes that promote the growth and development of your team. Employee education can be utilised as a motivator for new and existing employees, as well as a way to increase ROI by reducing time when learning a new product or expertise.

Benefits of Choosing Thinkific

Thinkific has been in the elearning market for a long time, and it shows in the ease with which the portal can be navigated and courses created. The tutorials area is extensive and comprehensive, providing step-by-step instructions on how to configure various course features and handle any issues that may arise.

It’s simple to tailor every aspect of the platform to your brand, so you can keep growing without missing a beat.Thinkific’s courses provide a comprehensive guide to creating and marketing online courses for professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

List of Interesting Features 

  1. The objective is to change the way people study and earn online by providing them with the tools they need to transform their expertise into a long-term company that benefits both them and their audience.
  2. Thinkific puts you in control with its strong yet simple features. Create courses that your students will enjoy, and establish a business that your former colleagues will admire.
  3. With adaptable content like live lessons, infinite video, communities, evaluations, and more, you can bring your idea to reality.
  4. Engineered for business, yet made for everyone. Thinkific is here for you now, tomorrow, and forever! Create a successful business with ready-to-use ecommerce, a customizable website, sales tools, and more.
  5. In-depth data to track students’ development, as well as certificates to recognise their accomplishments. Beautiful and simple-to-use website themes give you a professional appearance without the added expense.

Set Your Courses

Thinkific paying plans unlock features that you might need to get started – check out the Thinkific pricing plans to see if you need to upgrade before you get started.

It can be difficult to figure out how much to charge for your training. You must strike a fine balance in determining a price that consumers will pay without undervaluing the labour you’ve done or the perceived value of your content.


You have an entire community behind you, with over 200 people at Thinkific HQ and 50,000+ course developers. Thousands of high-quality online courses on developing, marketing, and selling are available. Get immediate assistance from a staff of highly trained and award-winning Customer Champions. Thinkific, unlike other course platforms, is built for businesses but created for everyone. From your first to your millionth pupil!