Prep your PC for the Best Gameplay Ever

You’ve finally got the year’s best game, and you’re excited to finally try it. You’re desperate to make your computer perform at its highest level as nothing but the best gaming experience will do for you.

You can make certain adjustments to your PC to get the maximum out of it for the ideal gaming experience. However, there’s a lot you do with your PC, and it might not be set up for gaming. That said, you got to know which modifications in your computer can make it a splendid gaming platform and which would be just a waste of time. Allow us to guide you with a few handy tips.

Contain the Background Processes

While you shouldn’t be expecting miracles, closing computer’s background programs does help. These programs slow your PC down and hold it back from performing to its potential for a great gaming experience, more so if your PC is a lower end, one having only limited capabilities.

The built-in game mode that Windows comes with help as well. Also, as a bonus, Windows Update can’t install new drivers or send restart notifications if your PCs on game mode. In the current versions of Windows 10, the Game Mode is on by default. However, you should still check if it really is by going to Settings -> Gaming -> Game Mode and switch it on if it isn’t already. As having it on has caused problems in certain games, you may turn it off as well.

Make Updates in Your Graphics Drivers

Generally, until you face issues, you don’t really need to update your drivers. Your graphic cards are, however, an exception. Issuing driver updates is regular with providers like AMD and Nvidia, which come with optimizations for the new games launched. Hence, particularly on the new titles, installing the manufacturer’s drivers and keeping them updated for juicing up your PC’s performance is a must.

While the AMD or Nvidia driver icon can be visible on your taskbar, it doesn’t quite mean that yours is the latest version. To download the latest driver set, go to the AMD, Intel, or Nvidia website download pages and type in the graphics card model to get the latest driver package.

Boost Your Wi-Fi

Your internet limits your online gaming experience just as much as your graphics hardware does, if not more. You’ll have to improve your network connection if you experience lagging, stuttering, or constant drops in connection while gaming. We urge you to go for a wired connection if possible, which will need you to connect your PC to your router with an Ethernet cable. If your router isn’t close to your computer, check the walls to see if they have Ethernet jacks in a central location. You may also run network data through your home’s electrical wiring using powerline adapters. A strong connection with a low latency works just as well.

Stop ISP Throttling

Your internet service provider may occasionally slow down the internet service by bandwidth throttling. It is done during peak times for regulating network traffic and keeping bandwidth congestion to a minimum. During bandwidth throttling, your ISP deliberately slows down your connection to sites you visit. It stops you from doing your work, and of course, your gaming experience goes downhill.

You can get a Windows VPN to defend against ISP throttling. A VPN hides your surfing details and prevents your ISP from knowing exactly what you do online. You’ll enjoy unrestrained access to all the games, and with no throttling of your connection, your gaming experience won’t be affected either.

Adjust Your Display Options

Make sure you use the gaming features in your gaming monitor before you decide to buy a new one. For smoother gameplay, you’ll have to enable the refresh rate feature in Windows if you own a high refresh rate monitor running at 144Hz or higher. Set the refresh rate at the highest possible level after going to Settings -> System -> Display and then choosing advanced display settings. To reduce motion blur, check your monitor’s built-in gaming options like the Overdrive feature.


A high-performance PC goes hand-in-hand with a great gaming experience. There are tweaks you can make to your PC for truly engrossing gaming sessions. Our tips for making such adjustments to your PC can be really effective in boosting its performance which is sure to make it a better platform for gaming. Having a good wired internet connection helps as well. Having a VPN to counter internet throttling by your ISP gives you fast internet all day. A quality gaming experience awaits you. With our tips, you’re all set to get cracking.