All slots machines are won at random. Even jackpot winners who walked away with €5 million or more had the same chances of winning as everyone else. Yet, there are players who’ve grasped the art of winning online slot games and made careers out of their skills.

Surprisingly, professional slot players tend to favor high-risk, high win games. There is a secret to this. When the right strategies are used, it’s possible to form a winning habit. Of course, there are no guarantees but these strategies can help increase your odds of winning slot games.

#1: One Slot at a Time

This strategy is highly risky and depends on luck but it’s worth trying. Basically, the plan is to play a high-risk game once or severally. If you don’t win anything, move over to your next favorite game. You set how many spins or how much time you want to spend on each game. But to succeed, you must stick to your plan.

The strategy is simple and controversial but its proponents claim it works. For one, each game is different. You could spend hours on a game. But if the game is rigged or not designed to provide many wins and free spins, you’ll simply be burning your stake.

By comparison, testing new games every other time exposes you to better games. And who knows? If you find a game with frequent bonus rounds and rewarding multipliers, you could turn it into your favorite game.

#2: Exit when Winning

This is yet another straightforward strategy. Play your favorite games using small bets. Take advantage of features that multiply your stakes and increase your wins. Continue wagering until you have a significant amount of profits. Now exit the game.

Let’s say you start playing with €20. But after a couple of hours playing the game, you have €40. Instead of seeking to increase your profits, call it a day or try a different game. Of course, you don’t have to leave at €40. Simply set an ideal amount of profits after which you quit the game.

Some players keep on playing the best high-risk slots until they enter a losing streak. This is a unique way of approaching this strategy, and it works. However, you don’t want to start chasing losses hoping for another winning streak. If you start losing, quit and keep the profits.

#3: Accept Good Bonuses

Bonuses are simply free bets from a casino. You could win hundreds of dollars, thousands or even millions from a simple spin coming from a free spin. The only problem is that most online casinos make it extremely hard to withdraw money won from bonuses.

Imagine winning €2000 euros from a free bet only to be told you can only withdraw €100. This is the reality for many players. Furthermore, some platforms enforce ridiculously high wagering requirements and place a time limit on them.

On the other hand, there are casinos with good bonuses and bonus terms. Picture a bonus with no maximum of how much you can withdraw. The wagering requirements are set at 20-30 times your bonus amount and you can take up to six months to meet the terms. Such bonuses are lucrative and can help increase your profit margins significantly.

#4: Choose Random over Progressive Jackpots

If you’re keen, you’ve probably seen jackpots in regular online slots. All the popular games, including Starburst, Thunderstruck 2 and Gonzo’s Quest have jackpots. Winning big prizes is simple. Meet the qualifying requirements and place your wagers.

Usually, random jackpots have payout frequently even if it’s just small amounts. If the goal is to trigger five winning symbols and you match them, you win something. By comparison, you stand to win a lot more money playing progressive jackpots.

While a random jackpot may limit its jackpot at 5000 coins, a progressive jackpot extends into the tens of millions of dollars. On the downside, progressive jackpots are harder to win. A game like Mega Moolah has an 88% RTP. Compare that to the 99% RTP on Mega Joker and it’s easy to tell where you’re more likely to win.

#5: Join Tournaments

Ever played in a slot tournament? They do exist and are highly rewarding. If you have strategies that have helped you increase your odds of winning in slots, use them to win big in slots tournaments. Like any other competition, you pay a buy-in amount. Dozens or hundreds of people can join the tournament.

Once the competition commences, you play constantly. The player with the highest wins, in the end, takes home the grand prize. Most tournaments also reward runners-ups in amounts bigger than what you would usually win at regular slot games.

#6: Bet on Maximum Lines

This strategy requires having a sizeable bankroll. It involves a lot of risks but has a significantly higher reward potential. In a game with 25 paylines, bet in all of them if you can afford to. Within 25 spins, you’ll usually have triggered some of the winning symbols severally.

If you trigger the wilds or symbols with multipliers, it will be impossible to come out of the game with losses. Of course, this also means playing slots with high RTP rates. You may not always win but high RTP games provide the biggest odds of winning.

Even if you don’t have a huge bankroll, find a way to maximize your bets. If the potential wins are small, you’ll only be throwing your money away. And with casinos offers bonuses and free spins all the time, you should not have a problem maximizing your potential wins.

To Conclude

Playing high-risk slots is surprisingly a wise gambling strategy. You risk more money but increase the odds of winning a lot more. Some people may argue that being conservative with their bankrolls helps minimize losses. But try that strategy and you’ll never make any substantial profits.

Instead, use the strategies highlighted above to play in the best games. Pick slots with high RTP rates, multipliers, and frequent bonus rounds. They will help manage your bankroll and maximize your profits.