Europa Universalis IV has just been launched and I am sure that you have a great time playing the game. Fortunately, Paradox didn’t come up with just a sequel but a brand new and really challenging game, one that can prove really difficult to win for most of us. Therefore, I have decided to create this article and share with you the best Europa Universalis 4 countries to start with to have an easier shot at world domination and turning your country into the best one that ever was.

Of course, some might agree that the real challenge and fun in the game comes from choosing some really tough starting countries, but I do think that an easy win can raise the morale and keep us going. So if that’s what you want, here are the best starting countries for Europa Universalis IV in our opinion:

1. Portugal – considered the regular “easy” country in Europa Universalis games, your only worry should be to stay on the good side of Castille. It’s pretty isolated too and it’s great at helping you go on a full scale colonization. Strong navy is not optional, though!

2. Castille – Neighbors with Portugal, so probably this “easy” part is passed on. Has the disadvantage of being France’s neighbor so also has to go colonial, but otherwise really easy to manage.

3. France – considered one of the most powerful countries in the game, France gives you all options and it’s up for you to decide how to play: go colonial or not, France is a great choice.

4. Ottomans – another really powerful country that can see you conquer the entire world (that was the initial plan, right?). You need to go on a full scale invasion and manage your ever-expanding empire, but the Ottomans have the advantage of being really powerful and situated in a region that opens up your gates for conquering… everything!

5. England – being a island nation makes it very easy to manage. However, it’s a bit too isolated for my taste and the navy focus adds an extra degree of challenge, but if you want to try out things, England allows for quite a few mistakes to go unnoticed.

So these would be our 5 best Europa Universalis IV countries for an easy victory. Which one is your favorite?


    • In Russia Danish rolls are like the Danish people they get eaten up, literally tho, it was 1800 Russia owned Scandinavia, took out commonwealth, and Ottomans Northern regions.

  1. France isn’t easy to play. It’s true he’s a powerfull country, but starts with so many countrys to vasallize and annex in their lands and have the most powerfull country in Europe as neighbor, Spain and other two important and aggresive countrys, England and Austria.

    With France in early game (1450-1500) you must be an mid-experienced player to survive and be a real problem for the other super-countrys, you can’t win the colony rush to America and are limited to Africa, you have bad relations with England (He have territories in France), Spain (He really hate’s France), Portugal (Specially if you have colonies en Africa) and the aggresive Austria (He always try to vasallice Flandes and neighbour provinces) and your only friend to fight Spain it’s Ottoman Empire and the recently mentioned Austria if you let he to expand in Belgica and Netherlands.

    Other mistake for France it’s his comercial options. Your naval army can’t win againt’s the absurdly powerfull Spanish and Portugues fleets and maybe you gonna loss your comercial nexus in Burdeos.

    In my opinion the most powerfull and easy countrys in Europe are:
    -In first place Spain, because when he annex Aragon, he have the most powerfull naval army in the world, 4 colons with explorer’s idea (Automatically win’s the America’s rush), easy access to conquest Italy and North-Africa and a powerfufll land army capable to beat Austria and France’s armys in 1vs1.
    -In second place Portugal. He can’t rivalice Spain or France in land battle’s, but don’t need it. You only need ally with Spain to have a easy game and focus in your colony rush to Sudamerica and Africa, and you are the country what have most easy access to India.
    -In third place England, because you have a good fleet capable to rivalice the Spanish and Portugues trade routes, posessions in France, a mid powerfull early army, serius options to colonize north-américa and India and an “easy” alliance option with Spain, both of you enemys of France.
    -In four place Ottoman Empire, because you don’t have any neighbor capable to beat you and have really easy expansion to Africa and Greece, a very powerfull land army and a fleet capable to fight againt’s Spanish fleet in mediterranean. Their only problem they have it’s Spain, they are rival-enemys, but you can alliance with France.
    -In first place Austria because you don’t have any rivals in center-europe and have easy expansion in the continent until you arrives to France, a trully powerfull land army and a “easy” option to allie with France if you don’t try to annex any territories near of him. Their problems are their obviously lack of fleet and their natural rivalty with Spain when he annex Italy or Flandes.
    -In last Place France, because i’d explain before.

  2. @ Alekshandros
    Ya, thats not really true.
    I’m playing France right now and im rocking the s**t out of the others.
    I diplo annexed all my vasalls as well as lothringen and bretagne – and if you are careful you can just get the most awesome deal: diplo annexed south ireland. Right now thanks to great military superiority im pounding the s**t out of Portugal and England that always want to go to war with me … I also managed to diplo annex Scotland in 1549 something as they lost some provinces to england and my forces on ireland were quite a nice sight for scots. my invasion on main england is going well too, portugal is down to lissabon and colonies.. I was the first in north america (brasil was already portugal since early on) and i am the biggest colonial empire at the moment.
    My only concern is austria and further away the ottmans. Austria took over most of burgundy, bayern and some others and is allied with the commonwealth. i on the other hand only have castille as ally. btw: castille is a natural ally to you as well as scotland.

  3. No. Tuscany is the easiest. You are so far ahead an tech it’s unbelievable, plus the noble republic. The start might be rocky but when the momentum kicks in it’s an easy game.

  4. My top 5 easiest to play,
    4.Ottoman Empire
    2.USA, after 1776,Land troops is OP
    1.Holy Roman Empire, when created just expand and you’ll have no rivals

  5. I tend to disagree about France and England being easy because you have to deal with the war between them. I like playing as Castille because I can watch the war from a good stand point. Its also a good time to take some land from England.


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