I’m sure that many of you would love to become the managers of a soccer team and handle all the team’s business, from winning them trophies for the lads to making sure that you have a steady flow of money filling your pockets… and fortunately, your dream might come to at least partially with Soccer Tycoon, a simulation/management title available for free on Facebook.

Created by Dynamo Games, Soccer Tycoon begins quickly and goes straight to action in no time: you choose your team’s name, your specialty and you’re ready to start playing soccer: you don’t have to change your team and you can’t transfer in new players, but a great manager can get the best out of any players, right?

Well… that is partially correct because Soccer Tycoon is not one of the most complex simulation or management games out there: quite the contrary! The only “tactical” influence you can have on the team is choosing their starting strategy, which refers to how much energy players consume and how much income is generated rather than actual play strategies. But this turn off for somebody like me, who is a fan of hardcore football management games (like Football Manager), is certainly a good thing for most of the players who just want to have fun and build the best stadium there was.

Because Soccer Tycoon is more about getting filthy rich and having a great stadium than anything else: you can improve the pitch and the stands to get more money from the fans, you can build shops near the stadium, like the burger shop or popcorn shop, you can upgrade any of these buildings and keep a steady flow of money running.

Probably the saddest part of Soccer Tycoon is the fact that for now friends can’t send and receive gifts (but the developers have promised that this feature will be enabled soon), but except for that, Soccer Tycoon is as social as it gets: you can visit your friends’ stadiums and get some money for helping them with various things, you can challenge them to friendly matches that tend to end in goal bonanzas and you can expect them to do the same.

Even better, your hands are not completely tied when it comes to the development of your team: even though you can’t transfer in new players or select starting line-ups or formations, you can increase your players’ skills with special shop items and therefore increase the team’s level.

All in all, Soccer Tycoon is a pretty fun game with loads of “coming soon” features announced (at the moment of writing the game’s review, the game was still in beta), one that will certainly provide a nice experience to all the social gamers out there. But be warned – this is not a soccer team management game, but a tycoon! One that you should definitely try here.

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