Online casinos are not created the same. There are average platforms where you only visit because they offer free bonuses. And then there are innovative best casinos with myriads of innovative features. Below we rank the most innovative features found in modern Internet-based casinos.

3D Games
Advancement in game development inspired the creation of games that look more realistic and entertaining. Nearly all top 20 casinos feature ultra-modern 3D games with advanced visually impressive graphics.

While 2D games still have their thrills, the 3D games found in many casinos are superior in almost every way. The graphics are state of the art and multi-dimensional. Soundtracks are highly refined and the storylines that accompany the games are catchy and clever.

Games provided by top providers are more popular, with rapid gameplay and near zero lag performances. A good example is Jungle Jim, a game provided by Microgaming. With scenic CGI views, an easy to follow the storyline and splendid graphics, the game showcase the fruits of modern technology. offers best casinos in Finland

Multiple Screen Slots
Want to play more than one game at a time? Look for a top reviewed site. Unlike brick and mortar casinos, online gambling platforms allow you to play to or more games at a go. Of course, not all companies offer the service. In some casinos, you can only play one game. The emphasis is on modern sites geared to enhance user experience with multiple slots and a limitless number of games.

Casinos that offer poker games are most likely to support multiple screen slots. Apart from poker, you can play two or more table games or slot games with the same feature. While wagering two games simultaneously amplifies your risk, it also increases your winning potential.

Additionally, being able to access multiple games increases the fun. For someone who logs onto casinos and plays hoping the fun will never stop, multiple screen slots are a must have in a casino.

Bitcoin Payments
Bitcoin has been around since 2009. Invented by a pseudo-anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency is fast gaining adoption. Startups have integrated it as a mean of payment and so are multiple casinos.

If you mine or trade cryptocurrencies; you don’t need to use liquid cash to access the best online casinos. Simply load your wallet with bitcoin and transfer some to your favorite casino. If you’ve never used bitcoin before, follow this guide to purchase some.

Why use a bitcoin casino? There are no geographical limitations with most of the platforms. Whether online gambling is legal or not in your country, you can access a bitcoin casino easily. Depositing and withdrawing the cryptocurrency takes hours and not days. The verification processes needed to access the platforms are fewer and there are multiple games supported.

Great Story Lines
Gone are the days when online casinos used sketchy storylines with amateurish plots. Nowadays, developers treat 3D gambling games like any other video game. Professionals write advanced storylines with plots and twists. Characters are animated to look like superheroes and villains.

With the goal of keeping players engages and interested, developers are purchasing licenses from popular fictional books. Some games on online casinos have eerily familiar storylines. From bestseller thriller books to DC comics, you can follow your favorite storybook in an online casino game.

Famous Video Games
To bring comic book storylines to life, providers must purchase licenses for famous games. Games and movies like the Fantastic Four and Iron Man can also be found on some casinos. It’s a great move for the casinos since the franchises already have built-in audiences.

With proper marketing and customizing the games into casino games, companies know that Marvel Comic games will sell more than typical games. As expected, you won’t find movie based games in just about any casino. Only a few casinos with the resources and talent to build such games can provide them.

Hollywood Soundtracks
Your favorite video game probably already has stellar soundtracks developed by celebrity musicians. Infusing a proper soundtrack to a game is an art meant to entertain gamers and keep them engaged. Good music shouldn’t be obtrusive, monotonous and uninspiring. Yet most providers overlook the importance of soundtracks and only offer games with the traditional sounds.

Net Entertainment game provider is increasingly proactive at releasing soundtrack made by bands. The company’s NetEnt Rocks series, for example, contains music from the late Jimi Hendrix, and bands like Motorhead. Other casinos have also emulated game providers by hiring professionals to handle soundtracks.

Mobile Casinos
Some casinos get it. Others don’t. Mobile video gaming is expected to overtake PC gaming by 2020. Any casino that aims to continue dominating the markets must be mobile compatible. Some casinos provide apps that can be downloaded on play stores. But most platforms provide their services via browsers.

There is almost no difference in playing casino games on an app versus a browser. It’s all up to personal preferences. However, most people like to access their apps and favorite sites on both mobile and PC platforms. It’s easier to access your casinos that way, which is why it’s important to join a casino that supports mobile platforms.

Live Dealer Games
Live dealer games offer a one of a kind experience by making you play games as if you were in a brick and mortar casino. Games are displayed in ultra-HD quality with hyper-realistic graphics and engaging soundtracks. Live dealers may be different and the experience can vary from one provider to the other.

On a good casino, a live dealer game offers the immersive experience you can only get in a traditional casino. Even better, you experience these games in the comfort of your home.

Wrap Up

The best online casinos want to differentiate themselves from competitors in almost every way. From their customer service to transparency, you will easily know the difference between great and average platforms. Payments in the best platforms are processed quickly. Technical challenges are addressed instantly and bonuses are ever flowing.