If you’re a computer games fan and a tech geek at the same time, you are probably trying already to keep your gadgets and accessories up to date. Well, Verbatim apparently tries to mess you up a little bit, since the company has just announced the release of two little jewels for professional gaming (and not only, but we don’t care), called Rapier V1 and Rapier V2. Pretty dull.

However, what these two mice can do is anything but dull: they come with a resolution of up to 3,200dpi and customizable weighting while experiencing acceleration of 20G – which means that they are some of the fastest on the market at the moment. Both versions will be available for sale in time for Christmas (duh!) and their RRP is somewhere around 60 bucks. Style is pricey!

“Computer games are becoming more and more realistic and challenging. With the high-quality technology of our mice, gamers can overcome every challenge, making for even more fun during games.” says Kai Miroschnik, Business Development Manager of Verbatim.

Also, according to the manufacturers, the Rapier mice come with a software which gives gamers the opportunity to save individual settings for each and every game. There are also three macro settings, which can be used, for example, for continuous shooting or running in first-person shooters – so, finally, our fingers will get some well deserved rest! The gaming mice are powered via USB connection and promise to be ultra-precise. Although we have no idea if that is correct or not, one thing is clear: the design is yum-yum!