steamSteam is getting better at serving PC gamers: Valve has announced that starting now we’ll be able to get downloadable content from the website, in a similar manner to Microsoft and Sony’s platforms. Of course, even though this is basically good news, it also means that finally PC users will be forced to pay for the DLC, just as the console owners.

We all know that until now, usually, the DLC and expansions released by the developers for the PC games were offered for free, but there are some tough times we’re going through and that will probably change. I still hope the moment when we’re charged for screenshots or wallpapers is still far away… Still, it’s a somewhat strange decision, knowing Valve’s aversion to premium DLC… however, it appears that things change.

So if you feel like checking it out, you can: The Maw is the first example, offering two new levels at 1.10 GBP a piece. It will be interesting to see how quick will the developers jump in for paid DLC and if there will be any freebies left. Yes, it’s all the consoles market’s fault!