If you intend on playing Blackjack with a reasonable expectation of winning, you will need to learn to play the game as perfectly as possible based on the rules of the game. That’s not an easy thing to do. At all times, you have to understand and accept that the House always has a statistical advantage, ranging from .17% for a single deck game up to .65% for an eight deck game. Most online Blackjack games will use six decks unless otherwise stated.

Your task is to figure out how to endure losing streaks long enough to find your way to meaningful Blackjack winning streaks. In all likelihood, most of the time you spend playing online Blackjack will be a grind of back and forth wins and losses. The only realistic way to win money is to hit the occasional winning streak where the table or you as an individual get “HOT.”

The following discussion represents an attempt to teach you how to play through both online Blackjack winning and losing streaks on your way to winning on what is hopefully a consistent basis. Prior to starting any Blackjack session, you need to set a hard bankroll limit (the amount you can afford to lose) and a winning amount that will motivate you to cash in and walk away until the next session.

Playing Winning Streaks

Online Blackjack winning streaks are blessed events that every Blackjack player in the world dreams of encountering. A solid Blackjack winning streak would typically be characterized as a streak where the player is hitting at least 7 out of every 10 hands for an extended period of time.

Contrary to popular beliefs, doubling up your bets during a winning streak will often prove to be counterproductive in the long run. As soon as the tide turns, you face the trap of losing bets that claim two winning hands at a time. Not good. You are far better off setting a standard wager amount and sticking with that amount until your hit your winnings cap. If and when you hit your winnings cap, you will hopefully have the discipline to walk away with your winnings before the losing starts.

Playing Losing Streaks

To be clear, online Blackjack losing streaks do not occur anymore frequently that winning streaks. It only seems that way as you watch your bankroll fade into the night. A Blackjack losing streak would typically be characterized as a streak where the player is losing at least 7 out of every 10 hands for an extended period of time.

If a losing streak becomes evident, you would be best served to either walk away or move into survival mode. Survival mode would require that you decrease your wagers to the table minimum. Hopefully, this strategy would serve to keep you in action long enough for the tide to turn to a winning streak.

At all times, don’t be afraid to walk away from any game. Tomorrow is another day and maybe the cards will flow more in your direction at that time.