The Internet is the favorite pastime of most of us out there. However, it’s easy to get bored with movies and simple surfing, so you get the desire to play some games.

Of course, not everybody has the right PC or the dedication to purchase and install significant titles. After all, you’re seeking a pleasant distraction, not an immersive experience.

There are thousands of websites out there featuring massive selections of online games. That won’t be our focus today – a simple Google search can give you that.

Instead, we’ll discuss different methods of playing games online for free. Let’s take a look at the three most popular ways.

Flash Player

Flash games are the epitome of those five spare minutes and a search for quick fun. As a player, it’s come a long way from its humble, vector-based beginnings, growing in complexity and features.

First, flash games started as a reaction to classic titles. Nowadays, they feature many hit titles – though admittedly, in lower graphics and more straightforward stories.

The latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player is available for all major desktop platforms. You can download the plugin for free. Besides, various operating systems also support the player.

Unity Engine

Unity is a game engine which operates across platforms – currently more than 25. The latest version was released this month, and adopted by industries outside video gaming, too.

Since 2018, Unity played a part in approximately half of the mobile games launched on the market. They also dominate the field of virtual reality creation.

Apart from various websites, you can access Unity’s products via the Unity Asset Store. In general, games by this developer feature sharper graphics and more complex gameplay than its competitors.


If you don’t have access to Adobe Flash Player, one of the best ways to bridge that gap is by HTML5. These games come available in any browser, without installations or plugins.

HTML5 features simplicity of use as well as various mechanisms, which makes its games on par with Flash-type. You don’t need to worry about browsers, either, due to the cross-platforming functionality.

Remember, though, that they will work better on Web than mobile.


Fizgames is one of the gaming sites we mentioned earlier. What makes them stand out is their massive selection of online games in categories. Besides, it’s a free site featuring a high-quality play space.

The platform boasts both classic and modern titles. You’ll find categories listed on their site to make choosing much more comfortable; for example:

  • Car
  • Adventure
  • War
  • Action
  • Board
  • Racing
  • Management
  • And much more

Moreover, you can play with friends (or other gamers, if your friends aren’t interested) thanks to the multiplayer functionality.

Final Thoughts

With so many gaming sites and a plethora of choices on each, you will for sure have hours of fun. The best thing about games you play for free from your browser is the ease with which you can move on if you get bored from one.

We hope our guide showed you the options – so, don’t despair if you don’t have Adobe Flash Player. Alternatives are out there, and they are waiting for you.