Play the Best Lotteries Online at Lottopark

Do you want to become super-rich? Well, there are two options. You could start sourcing for capital to invest in a business or play the lottery. When you choose to play the lottery, your chances of becoming rich are pegged on cheap tickets. This is why many people in Slovakia choose to play the lottery to become instant millionaires.

Where should you play the lottery in Slovakia?

The biggest problem with playing the lottery is finding the right partner. Where should you play if you are in Slovakia? There is just one website that assures you of legitimate lottery games in Slovakia that can make you a millionaire.

You should only play in Lotto SK – if you want a good gaming experience in Slovakia. Of course, many other sites have many promises but none is as effective as

What are the best lotteries at LottoPark for Slovaks?

If you live in Slovakia, you have many options that you can explore here. You just need to decide which of the many lottery games fit your needs. If you are looking for a game with huge jackpots in Slovakia, here are the top options by Lotto Park:

  1. Eurojackpot: This is a European lottery that can be played in Slovakia. It has a minimum jackpot of €10 million and a maximum of €90 million. Currently, the average jackpot is at €48 million.
  2. EuroMillions: It is also a trans-European jackpot lottery. Its current jackpot prize is €26 million though it can go up to €190 million.
  3. GG World Keno: It is a rapid game with a draw schedule every 4 seconds. Here, you can win up to $1 million
  4. GG World Lottery: It is a world lottery game that can be played in Slovakia. Its average winnings are $101,297,500
  5. GG World Million: This is a jackpot game that offers $1 million to winners.
  6. Mega Millions: Slovaks can also access Mega Millions if they play via In this game, the stakes are high. You can win a minimum of $20 million in jackpot. This jackpot grows without any limit. The highest a person has won here is $1.5 billion, which is pretty much the highest winning in the world.

These are just some of the top lottery games available at You can find many more if you register today.

Who can play the lottery in Slovakia?

Before you register to start playing any of the above-mentioned lotteries at, you will have to be of the legal age. In Slovakia, the legal age is 18 years. If you meet this age requirement, you can proceed to play.

Here, the games are offered online so that you can play in the comfort of your home.

How to play online?

  • Register at
  • Pick the lottery game that you want to play
  • Deposit money using your favorite Slovakia payment method
  • Buy a ticket and select your lucky numbers
  • Wait for the draw to see if you have won.

Winners will be notified by LottoPark.

Final say:

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can become the next Slovak winner of a huge jackpot prize from a top lottery game.