As a gamer, I personally enjoy playing games on the weekends and sometimes even in the middle of the week. I can say that I’m more of a casual gamer, even if I’m good at certain type of games. When I first started playing, the most known game that everyone was playing was Fifa 99. The FIFA 99 was a simple yet great game that you could play with your friends of against a computer. It the best game that I’ve played that year and certainly among my top 10 old games.

But the industry now advanced and EA Sports made a new fifa each year. In 2019 there’s the latest FIFA 2020 and the FIFA 2019 which is more playable with your friends. After a few successful matches, I wanted to play against real people for a small wager – like $5 or $10. This is how I found Play One Up.

One Up – Where Skill Matters

Using One Up was surprisingly easy. All I had to do is to set up a way of payment and to create a match or to accept someone’s challenge. The process is really easy and it takes only a few minutes. Once you’re done with setting up the payment – find a match that is according to your budget and play to win it.

Its not hard but its certainly not easy to win a match – as people here are really good at what they’re playing. But if you’re up to the challenge, the rewards can be quite good. I certainly did not win thousands of dollars as I only play in the weekends – but the few hundred of dollars that I won made me be more competitive and improve the game due to the stake in the middle. Even more, after you win 50 matches you will get $50 directly into your One Up account. Win even more and get entries to different challenges where you could win up to $50k. I don’t even plan to reach there, but I may increase the stakes that I’m playing once I reach a decent bankroll. Its like poker, but its only based on your skill on a certain games.

One Up have a variety of games that they accept on their platform such as: NBA 2k, Madden 18 or 19, NHL 18 or 19 and FIFA 2019 and it supports Xbox one and PS4. There are more games that they plan to add – so don’t worry if you’re already a master on FIFA 2019 or 2020.

One thing that I really loved about this app is the fact that it allows me to see against who I’m playing, which team he’s picked and for what budget. This way, I can easily choose a better team and have a leverage against my opponent.

To play it, you’d need a boost card. You basically charge your One Up account with a certain amount of dollars and you’re ready to play. But the best thing is, the company is giving a lot of boost cards for free to random people. All you have to do is follow them on the One Up Instagram.


If you wish to play someone and be sure you’ll get your $5 – not like my cheap friends – use One Up. You can start by putting your telephone number and sign up or by installing the One Up app.It takes a few minutes to be ready to play against anyone. Have fun there and good luck winning.