The gaming world has taken a life of its own and it’s spreading like wildfire. Like any other industry, it has its fan base and it’s continuously growing with new games every year. Gamers all over the world enjoy seeing how these games unfold and how the developers create them. But even for hardcore gamers, there are some things that pass them by that aren’t noticed.

Take a look below at some of the trends in the gaming world that some gamers tend to ignore.

1- Money And Gaming

One thing that most people tend to ignore is the small things like deals that companies make to make the player more interested or by adding gambling into the mix. According to the people at, a safe gaming environment and responsible gambling is paramount to keep players interested. Another thing that happens a lot to reel in players is adding in-game rewards or boosts to players out of nowhere and they’re actually a great deal for you. For example, a gaming company would add in a new item in their shop and you buy it for real money to spice up your gaming experience. You could also get it by paying for a 6-month subscription to the game. So you’re saving money in the long run through the deal because it can be cheaper than having a 1-month subscription and getting a special in-game item in the process. It’s just something that helps reel gamers in to keep them more invested through an in-game incentive. Most gamers don’t notice this trend at all and it’s more frequent than you realize.

2- ESports On The Rise

Everyone loves competition, every gamer loves to compete with others to show off and let everyone know they’re the best. But what most gamers tend to ignore is the fact that there’s a platform made for the most hardcore gamers where a lot of money is involved. Some companies actually push their games to the direction of being an Esports game even if it’s a bad game or it has become stale, making sure they got a little profit out of it since Esports is really lucrative.

3- Celebrities or Movie Characters In The Game

There are a lot of gamers that don’t notice the little things developers put in their games, they always love to pay tribute to famous influential people or celebrities. Usually, it’s by having a unique name that resembles the celebrity or has the same appearance. Only the smart and focused gamers notice these little things; for example, a game like World Of Warcraft adds a lot of these hidden celebrities in their games. As a tribute to the late Robin Williams, they added two in-game characters that resemble his Mrs. Doubtfire and Genie characters. Most of these are hidden and would take a while to find, but it’s always nice to have these kinds of tributes.

4- Going Mobile

It’s funny how most companies and gaming developers are inclined to change their PC or console games to go into the mobile world, it’s a plan to get more players and more profit. Since everyone has a smartphone, you don’t have to be a huge hardcore gamer to play a certain game. It is a tactic and gambit that most gaming companies tend to make just for more profit and to expand to a whole different platform. It’s an ongoing trend that most people don’t care about or notice, but the ones that do really dislike it and feel it’s unnecessary.

Trends Come and Go

The gaming world is always changing and there’s always new stuff happening. Whether people notice it or not, nothing can stop the higher-ups from making decisions like these and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. At the end of the day though, gamers will continue to play the games they love.