What we usually call a registry cleaner is a specialized software, which removes unnecessary entries from the registry of the Windows operating system. Such programs are very efficient in deleting registry entries, which point to non-existing files. In this article, you will find some powerful registry cleaner software, which is free of charge. Use them for solving any kind of troubleshooting issues.


After testing many different registry cleaner software, we came to the conclusion that CCleaner on RocketFiles is simply the best. The program is easy to use. It will prompt you to back up your registry even before it makes any changes. It offers an excellent feature set. You can use either a portable or installable versions of CCleaner. It supports Windows versions 10/8/7/Vista/Server 2008/Server 2003, and even older versions.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is another top-rated registry cleaner software, which is close to CCleaner and other fix tools. The good news is that it is also free of charge. The significant advantage of Wise Registry Cleaner is that it offers quick registry scans, scheduled scans, three levels of the scan, and regular program updates. There is even the feature, which will separate common issues and those, which are unsafe. The only disadvantage is that while installing the program, you are pushed to install, but you can easily skip this step. There are portable/installable versions.


JetClean is well-known as a powerful and free registry cleaner. After testing this program, we have only positive impressions. JetClean will scan your entire registry in a matter of a few seconds. You will like a well-designed, intuitive, and clean user interface. Scheduled cleaning makes the process automatic and saves a lot of time. Yet there are still some issues you should pay attention to. The amount of cookies that the program keeps by default is quite excessive. You will have to install a toolbar while setting up the program on your computer. JetClean is used mainly as an installable version.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

If you do not need a complicated registry cleaner software, you should consider installing Auslogics Registry Cleaner. It is effortless to use to make a one-click cleaning of your computer. It offers a colored rating of several categories of registry entries, which require your attention. This feature makes it so simple and clear to understand what potentially may impact your computer. It offers an automatic registry backup and can be paused/restarted any moment. It works on both old and new versions of Windows. The only disadvantage is the lack of advanced features and the necessity to install an additional program during the installation process. You can skip this by deselecting it.

AML Registry Cleaner

AML Registry Cleaner is not so popular, but many people use it, and there are reasons for that. This free registry software is excellent for its user-friendly interface. It includes a lot of great and free tools, and can even exclude registry items from scan automatically. Note that registry backup is not automatic and the process of scanning is a bit slow. The program works on 64-bit/32-bit Windows versions 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Registry Repair

Registry Repair should be installed to your computer in case you need an excellent freeware registry cleaner. You will be amazed to see how efficient it is in creating automatic backups. It is easy to use thanks to the uncluttered interface. A big plus of Registry Repair is regular auto-updates. You can install this program if you use Windows, as it supports both old and new versions. The downside is that the program does not make a restore point and pushes users to install additional programs, which you do not need in fact.

SlimCleaner Free

You should definitely try SlimCleaner Free. You will be impressed to find basic registry cleaning options, plus a lot of additional features such as startup optimization, update checks, system cleaning for no charge. You can set a daily/weekly scan and backup your registry automatically. You can use both portable and installable versions.


Now with this listing, you can make your own choice of registry cleaner software. All programs mentioned in this article are free. So, you can try them and make your own conclusions. Anyways, a good registry cleaner is must-have on every computer. The amount of junk we keep on our computers can be enormous. Do not slow down your computer – get a powerful cleaner and free up your space for the helpful staff.