The most authentic format of the document is safe and little hard to edit. Most of the times you need some strong image editor like Photoshop or Corel Draw or some specialized application like Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit the PDF document. These apps are so technical that a layman can’t use these apps to edit PDF files and documents. But with the popularity of PDF document there came a lot of developers who developed PDF editors for a common man. Now there is a great list of PDF editors available free to use that every person can use to edit PDF documents.

Online and App Versions
When you have to edit some PDF files, you will have two options. You can either opt for some online PDF editor or choose to download some PDF editor software on your laptop or mobile phone. In both cases, you can find the free versions and the paid versions as well.

When the point of decision comes there in choosing Online or App version then there comes the question: “Which is better?” Then answer to this question is mostly based on the purpose for which you need a PDF editor. If you don’t have a bulk use, then Online PDF editor will be best for you, but if you have to use in your daily routine, then you should download the application on your system.

There are other pros and cons for each type of PDF editor like portability factor, privacy factor, memory usage, trust factor and so on.

How to Use Most of PDF Editors?
Keeping in view the mentality of a layman, developers have designed their apps so that there may not be involved any technical step. They keep their apps as simple as possible. Due to these simply designed PDF editors, PDF editing is no more a technical matter. You can edit any PDF file even if you don’t have any technical knowledge or any graphics designing skills. Just download some app or log in to some online PDF editor and start editing your PDF files.

Most of the PDF editors like Soda PDF offers you to perform various editing operations on any PDF file. You can add Watermark, or you can add comments and signature. You can even lock or unlock PDF files using these PDF editors.
Desktop versions go beyond in features and offer a wide range of editing options. Few good PDF editors even allow you to edit text and media contents of the PDF files. But most of the times such feature is a premium feature and you will have to pay for it.

Creating a PDF document is also an easy task. Microsoft Office apps also allow you to create PDF files. To create PDF document, just use the “save as” or “export as” option from the MS Word or MS PowerPoint and your file will be saved as a PDF File. It also allows you to set a security password to open the file.

In short, creating and editing PDF files is not a technical task anymore.