pahelika-imageI doubt there are many people who would say no if tasked with the incredible task of solving an ancient, incredible mystery: and that’s exactly what Pahelika: Secret Legends, an awesome Hidden Object casual game available exclusively (at the moment of writing) at Big Fish Games.

Pahelika: Secret Legends tells the story of an ancient tome, Pahelika, that was used to defeat an incredibly evil warrior-king. The tome, so dangerous and powerful, was hidden deep in the bowels of a secret temple and it will be your quest now, as a descendent of the first wielder of the book, to find it and guard it from those who would like to get their hands on it.

Coming with an incredibly detailed set of environments and a point and click adventure approach to the hidden object genre, Pahelika: Secret Legends will certainly entertain you with the clever puzzles, life-like visuals and captivating story. After all, it’s not everyday you are tasked with such an incredible task, right?

As it happens with casual games, Pahelika: Secret Legends has some really low system requirements (CPU: 600 Mhz, RAM: 128 MB and 89 MB of free hard drive space), so everybody can enjoy the game. As I said before, both the demo and full version of the game are available exclusively at Big Fish Games.