In this article, we will be explaining how you can recruit all the Outer Worlds companions available in the game. Although it may not be easy in some of the cases, you will certainly have a complete guide about Outer Worlds companions.

During the game, you will have the possibility to meet new characters that are known as Companions. They are going to play a very important role throughout the game, considering they will support you during the whole adventure. They will help you enhance your tactics, improve your combat and increase your carrying capacity. If you don’t have the patience to meet them and just want to have fun, you can read our article about The Outer Worlds cheats and use the tips & tricks that we mentioned there to finish the game fast.

There are six Outer Worlds companions to unlock during the game: Parvati, Vicar Max, Felix, Ellie, Nyoka and SAM.

Finding and Unlocking The Outer Worlds Companions

There is no clear rule on how to unlock and find the Outer Worlds companions considering the game doesn’t provide hints regarding where you can unlock these characters. However, we will be explaining how it is possible to find and recruit all the Outer Worlds companions available in the game.

Finding and Recruiting Vicar Max

You can find Vicar Max at the Edgewater Church in Emerald Vale. He will be sitting behind a desk in one of the sides of the room.

Most of the times, you will meet face to face with Vicar Max after a recommendation from Parvati during the Comes Now the Power quest.

Vicar Max will inform you that he wants to retrieve a book that has been forbidden by the board. In order for him to join your team, you will have to accept the quest and complete it.

This companion has different perks such as +10 hack, +20% dialogue combat effect duration, +20% science weapon damage.

Furthermore, he can evaluate the targets he is fighting against and enlighten them using his shotgun.

His main abilities include Knockdown, which knocks the target to the ground making him unable to take any action for a short time. Moreover, the Weaken ability would lower all skills and target takes increased Plasma, Shock, Corrosion and N-ray damage.

Finding and Recruiting Parvati

Parvati can be found in Edgewater and it will be the first companion that you can find during the game. In order to recruit her, you will not have to complete any special quest, compared to other characters that definitely require the user to perform a specific action.

Parvati will be inside of the Reed Tompson’s office in the Cannery in Edgewater. You will meet both Reed Tompson and Parvati during the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

It is very simple to recruit Parvati, considering she will offer you help in order to find the power regulator at the aforementioned quest.

Some of the perks linked to Parvati include +10 engineering, +10% chance to extract modes in the field and +25% tactical time dilation meter.

Parvati has two abilities: Knockout and Stun. The first one would knock the target to the ground for a few seconds. The second one would stun the target and leave them unable to act for a short time.

Finding and Recruiting Felix

The next character in the Outer Worlds companions is Felix. Felix will be located outside of your ship staircase in which he is ready to join the team or he would be leaning up against a large shipping container.

Moreover, in order to recruit him, it would not be necessary to complete any quest or special action. It is just important to have completed either Balance Due or passage to Anywhere getting access to your ship.

As soon as you go back to the ship, Felix will be waiting there to become one of your new Outer World companions. Will you accept him as part of your team?

Here there are some reasons why you should accept him:

He will provide +10 persuade, +20 damage to cowering enemies and +20 damage to corporate military. Moreover, gives you and your companions the ability to deal +20% bonus damage to Corporate enemies.

Finding and Recruiting Ellie

You can find Ellie at the Medical Bay on the GroundBreaker. She will be arguing there with the clerk.

If you want to recruit her, you will have to complete her quest called Worst Contact. Once you finish it, Ellie will be part of your crew.

She also has different perks that would allow you to move forward in the game. The has +10 Medical, +20% heal amount granted by Medical Inhaler, and it helps you recover 25% health when fatally wounded.

One of Ellie’s abilities is called Bleed. It deals damage over time and reduces body attributes. However, this does not apply to automechanicals. Moreover, she can use the disarm ability and remove the enemy’s held weapon for 15 seconds. Nevertheless, this does not have an effect on special enemies.

Finding and Recruiting SAM

There are more Outer Worlds companions you can find and unlock, and one of them is SAM. You will be able to find him on the second floor of the Unreliable close to an old storage room next to the crews’ cabins.

In order to recruit him, you will have to interact with him in the storage room, which will make The Cleaning Machine quest available. After completing it, you will be able to add SAM to your team members.

SAM includes a +10 Intimidate perk and a +20 Damage to Automechanicals. Moreover, it also has different abilities that would make the whole adventure much easier for you. SAM can jump in the air and slam down near his target. This would clean all the fluids around to get out those really tough stains.

The Acid ability will deal damage over time and reduce armour. In addition to it, automechanicals take extra damage. Furthermore, the knockdown ability would knock the target to the ground and make them unable to take any action for a short time.

Finding and Recruiting Nyoka

You will encounter Nyoka while doing the Radio Free Monarch quest and you will ask her for help. Considering she is drunk, she will request for some help, which you will kindly give.

After it, you will have to finish the Passion Pills quest. She needs to take some pills you will have to find and return them to her. Once you hand these pills to her, she will become one of the Outer Worlds companions following and helping you throughout the whole story.

As all the other companions in the game, Nyoka has different perks and abilities. For example, she has a bonus support lie of +10 lie. Moreover, she reduces 20% of the radius of footstep sounds. Furthermore, she will do +20 damage to creatures.

Nokya will also take advantage of her personally modified LMG in order to inflict damage to her target and set enemies near it ablaze.

By using the barrage ability she will be able to reduce 30% armour rating for 15 seconds to enemies. Moreover, with the burn ability, she will deal damage to other enemies over time.