New Frontierville Aunt List Part 1

New Frontierville Aunt List Part 1

Players asked for more and now Zynga is giving them what they want. They just released a new series of quests in Frontierville called Aunt List. There are five parts to this series.

I guess the guys in Zynga are running out of ideas to name their goals. The first goal in the Aunt List series is simply named Part I of V. Below are the tasks you need to do:

  • Plant 60 Potatoes
  • Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

It might look simple but it’s not. Potatoes are ready in just four hours and tending 20 Neighbor Potatoes will be a daunting task especially if you don’t know your friends’ schedule. The best way to do this part of the goal is to talk to four active friends and ask them if they can plant at least five Potatoes each for you to tend to. It will be beneficial for both of you if your friend is also doing the Aunt List Part I of V goal.

How do you like the Aunt List chain quest so far? Tomorrow we’ll post about Part II of V of the goal series.