mystery-animals01A new mysterious crate can now be purchased from the FarmVille Market, one containing a Mystery Animal! According to the announcement from Zynga the new Mystery Animal crate is full of all new, exclusive farm animals and “some are big, some are fast – get your Mystery Animal while they last!”

Buying a Mystery Animal crate is quite expensive: 20 FV cash each box, and the offer is limited: only 7 days available to purchase your Mystery Animal box. It is not sure at the moment if next week we’ll get a new one, similar to the regular Mystery Boxes, but it is a possibility!

So… what animals can you find in the Mystery Animal box? So far, these were confirmed:

-Peacock and 550 XP
-Ox and 300 XP
-Jackalope and 700 XP
-Deer and 200 XP
-Buffalo and 400 XP

Below is an image with all of the new Mystery Animals:


Now tell us: how excited are you with this great new Mystery Animal crate and, of course – What did you get in yours?