Mystery Animals Come to Farmville!

Mystery Animals Come to Farmville!

mystery-animals01A new mysterious crate can now be purchased from the FarmVille Market, one containing a Mystery Animal! According to the announcement from Zynga the new Mystery Animal crate is full of all new, exclusive farm animals and “some are big, some are fast – get your Mystery Animal while they last!”

Buying a Mystery Animal crate is quite expensive: 20 FV cash each box, and the offer is limited: only 7 days available to purchase your Mystery Animal box. It is not sure at the moment if next week we’ll get a new one, similar to the regular Mystery Boxes, but it is a possibility!

So… what animals can you find in the Mystery Animal box? So far, these were confirmed:

-Peacock and 550 XP
-Ox and 300 XP
-Jackalope and 700 XP
-Deer and 200 XP
-Buffalo and 400 XP

Below is an image with all of the new Mystery Animals:


Now tell us: how excited are you with this great new Mystery Animal crate and, of course – What did you get in yours?


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Didn’t waste the FV as I find this special item to be overpriced and not worth the effort. At least the cowprint items had a coolness factor tot hem. This new special item just feels like a scam.

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electa henry

I’d like to know why everything cool has to be bought with farmville cash. i don’t play the game with a credit card so i don’t get the cash as often as others and i don’t think it’s fair that we miss out on a lot of the good stuff because of it. i think you should have new stuff made to be bought with more coins instead of cash. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The reason they make it so you have to use FV cash is so they make money. Notice how they’re doing the “Need for Seed”, and the Plowing with a tractor ribbons. Also the new “They of Mystery”, it’s all to make money. Their profits go down if you can buy anything with coins.

Nearly all the things that are “cool” or sought after cost FV Cash, it’s all for profits. Don’t expect it to change soon.