Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 disappointed quite a few PC gamers, the FPS is still one of the biggest releases in recent times and therefore it still managed to become very popular. And due to popular requests, I’m going to share with you the Modern Warfare 2 Perks List and quick explanations on how to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 Perks (at pro ability level!)

MW2 Perks Slot 1:

Ability: Unlimited Spring
Marathon Pro Ability: Get over obstacles faster
How to unlock: By running 26 miles using the Marathon Perk

Sleight of Hand
Ability: Faster reloading
Sleight of Hand Pro ability: Gives a speed boost to how fast you can aim down the sight of your weapon.
How to unlock: Waste 120 enemies using the Sleight of Hand perk

Ability: Full resupply from dead enemies
Scavenger Pro ability: Extra magazines
How to unlock: Resupply 100 times using the Scavenger perk

Ability: 2 primary weapon attachments
Bling Pro ability: 2 secondary weapon attachments.
How to unlock: Waste 200 enemies while using the Bling ability

One Man Army
Ability: Replaces your secondary weapon (allowing to change secondary class anytime during a match)
One Man Army Pro ability: Swap classes even faster
How to unlock: ?

MW2 Perks Slot 2:

Stopping Power
Ability: More bullet damage
Stopping Power Pro ability: more bullet damage vs. helicopters and aircrafts
How to unlock: Waste 300 enemies using the Stopping Power perk

Ability: move faster
Lightweight pro ability: you can perform quick aim after sprinting
How to unlock: run 30 miles using the Lightweight perk

Ability: Killstreaks require 1 less kill
Hardline Pro ability: Death streaks require 1 less death.
How to unlock: Get 40 killstreaks using the Hardlline perk

Ability: Undetectable by UAV, air support, Sentry Guns, and thermal
Cold-Blooded Pro Ability: No red crosshair or name shown when you are targeted by UAV, air support, sentries or thermal imaging.
How to unlock: Destroy 40 enemy killstreak rewards using the Cold-Blooded perk

Danger Close
Ability: Increases explosive weapons’ damage
Danger Close Pro ability: Increases air support’s damage
How to unlock: Waste 100 enemies with explosives using the Danger Close perk

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