2010 is almost over and Zynga decided to give Mafia Wars players a new operation and a chance to loot an incredible weapon, the New Years Resolution. The event is apparently simple and very similar to the end-year event of December 2009, but at least we have a new mission in the game and the chance to get a great reward, so I think we should all be pleased. So read on to find out everything about the Steal the Ball Operation in Mafia Wars and the New Years Resolution reward!

The Steal the Ball Operation itself is an easy job, but it’s really difficult to find since Zynga apparently decided to keep it rare in order to keep people playing and wishing for more. So make sure that you accept it (or hop in) as soon as you have the chance, since it might be the last one you’ve got!

The impressive reward for completing this operation is the New Yeas Resolution, a rare weapon with 69 Attack and 46 Defense. Even better, you can add the New Years Resolution to your Mafia Wars wishlist by going to your inventory, searching for it there and placing it on the wishlist. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get really lucky and somebody will send you one or maybe that Zynga places it in the Mystery Bag!

Have you managed to find this really rare operation?