Zynga has decided to prepare our beloved Cafe World cafes for the New Year celebration and challenge us to complete a series of 8 new missions, the New Years Party Missions. In this article I will share with you all the details about these missions: requirements and tips to complete them faster. Either way, it’s good to know how to prepare for all the missions, so read on.

New Years Party I
Place the Champagne Tower
Earn 500 Coins
Prepare 5 Club House Sandwiches

Tips: The Champagne Tower is the big item here and you can get it from the Cafe World menu, under the Specials tab. Fortunately, you don’t have to complete it yet, but you will in the later quests!

New Years Party II
Get 2 RSVPs
Buy a New Year Buffet Table
Visit 2 Neighbors

Tips: You can get RSVPs by asking your friends individually. The New Year Buffet Table is a decoration that only costs 50,000 coins and can be found in the market.

New Years Party III
Get 10 cans of Crab Meat
Get 5 cups of Parmesan Cheese
Get 2 cups of Olive Oil

Tips: You will unlock a new recipe after completing this New Years Party Mission (Mini Crabs) and in order to do so, you will need to send requests to your friends for all the items that you must get.

New Years Party IV
Get 6 RSVPs
Buy 1 New Year Divider
Serve 10 Cups of Ginger Ale

New Years Party V
Get 15 Skewers
Get 10 Tablespoons of Sesame Seeds
Get 10 Bunches of Green Onions

Tips: Again, you must get these items with the help of your friends, so make sure that you also help them when they ask for the items themselves!

New Years Party VI
Get 10 RSVPs
Get 10 Bay Leaves
Get 5 Lemons

Yup, Cafe World is following the “BegVille” route of FarmVille and, most important, FrontierVille – but that’s what we have to do to complete the missions – ask friends and hope that they still have clicks available :)

New Years Party VII
Get 10 Loaves of Stale Bread
Get 10 Cups of Milk
Get 10 Cups of All Purpose Flour

Finishing this mission will reward you with the Salmon Rilletes recipe, so it’s worth getting this far and completing this mission too!

New Years Party VIII
Cater the New Year’s Bash
Get 20 Bottles of Champagne

This is most likely a really difficult mission since we need to complete the a catering mission within this mission (starting to seem a little like Inception, the movie?) but I am sure that the most hardcore or bored players will find this challenge thrilling.

Good luck in completing all the 8 New Years Party missions in Cafe World and don’t forget to share with us any tips or cheats you might have!