There is a new type of crates available for purchase in Mafia Wars, the Natural Disaster Crate, one that comes with some really nice loot items. Check out the info below to find out everything about the Natural Disaster Crates in Mafia Wars!

How to get the Natural Disaster Crate in Mafia Wars?
You can purchase them from the marketplace for 12 Reward points each or 35 Reward Points for a three-pack and here is what you can find inside the new crates:

Common items (60% chance):
– Landslide (67 attack, 31 defense)
– Avalanche (37 Attack, 67 Defense)
– Lightning Strike (65 Attack, 30 Defense)

Uncommon items (30% chance):
– Tornado (70 Att, 39 Def)
– Eruptioin (37 Att, 70 Def)
– Famine (71 Att, 36 Def)

Rare items (10% chance):
– Tsunami (43 Att, 81 Def)
– Earthquake (82 Att, 45 Def)

As you can see, these are some really nice items with cool stats, but strangely not much better than the ones available in new Mafia Wars refions, like Las Vegas. However, if you decide to purchase some Natural Disaster Crates, you will certainly have some cool items to show off!

Will you purchase this new crate?