Finally, the day had come and Fallout: New Vegas has been released. Unfortunately, just like it’s older brother, the Fallout New Vegas RPG is also affected by constant lock-ups and crashes and it appears that it is somewhat of a habit for the series and something we have to get used with. However, as always, I will try to find solutions and share them with you for all the Fallout New Vegas Lock-ups and Crashes.

Apparently, the crashes and freezes of the game come both on the console version as well as the PC version, with screen lock-ups and freezes being the major problem in Fallout New Vegas. When it comes to the PC version, we could try the fix that worked last year with the game (it’s the same engine):

If you have Asus Xsonar, Creative or Realtek sound cards and Fallout New Vegas crashes at start, you should just turn off the GX mode (for Xonar cards). For the others: This DS3D GX thing is part of Xonar’s drivers which is responsible for restoring EAX and multichannel surround sound. Similar to Creative’s Alchemy or Realtek’s 3D SoundBack. Try to disable them, or change the speaker config to stereo. Hopefully this works!

Also, if the game seems to freeze a lot, try tuning down the graphics: a lower resolution and antialiasing or/and anisotropic filtering off… these should stop Fallout New Vegas from freezing and locking up. However, how to stop the constant crashes – that is still a mystery. Hopefully Bethesda will quickly look into the problem and fix it, most likely via a patch. The fact is that Fallout: New Vegas is such a great game and it’s sad to see it plagued by issues.

If you managed to find a fix for the Fallout New Vegas lock-ups and crashes, please let us all know in the comment section below – this way, we’ll have a lot of happy gamers!


  1. And that’s why they won’t fix it, today’s consumers say “we’ll just have to get used to it.

    Plain and simple if Bethesda put’s out the expansion before even fixing program_0 their intent is to rip you off. too bad, they are good games when they run!!!!

  2. Fallout 3 began displaying the lock-up issue for some users after the first DLC/patch was released, including myself. Turns out (at least in my case) that it’s a bug with CPUs with more than two cores, the solution to which was an edit to the Fallout_default.ini file.

    When New Vegas displayed the same behavior I re-employed the edit to the Fallout_default.ini found in the New Vegas install directory and it solved my problem so hopefully this will help other frustrated gamers.

    Find the aforementioned Fallout_default.ini in the New Vegas installation directory and add the following line somewhere in the [General] section (for some reason I put mine on line 88):


    This limits the CPU usage to two hardware threads, which seems to clear up lockups for quads and whatnot. I can’t swear that this fix will help dual-core processors but It shouldn’t hurt anything to try.

    Considering that this was a pre-existing bug in Fallout 3 you’d think that they would have nixed it this time around, but clearly not.

    I hope that this helps some poor souls who are tearing out their hair.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about the god-damned GX mode of Xonar audio cards. I’ve reinstalled Windows some weeks ago and I forgot to disable it. Now works like a charm.

  4. i found a way to terminate newvegas when the screen is locked it involves theory that only the screen is frozen and the underlying os is still running. to test this press capslock a few times. if the light turns on and off than the os is working if the capslock light doesent your sol and have to hard boot your computer.

    first step try alt-ctrl-delete if the task manager is visible just go to processes and terminate falloutnv.exe if the task manager doesn’t appear than the game is so far gone that it is refusing to release it’s hold on the graphics card. in this case you can access the command parser by pressing Windowskey-r nothing will appear but take it on faith that the windows run box is active and waiting your command. now carefully type taskkill /f /im falloutnv.exe and press return. you may have to try it a few times because your typing into a command parser you cannot actually see. but if you did it properly on pressing enter the frozen game will terminate releasing you back to your desktop


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