Finally, the day had come and Fallout: New Vegas has been released. Unfortunately, just like it’s older brother, the Fallout New Vegas RPG is also affected by constant lock-ups and crashes and it appears that it is somewhat of a habit for the series and something we have to get used with. However, as always, I will try to find solutions and share them with you for all the Fallout New Vegas Lock-ups and Crashes.

Apparently, the crashes and freezes of the game come both on the console version as well as the PC version, with screen lock-ups and freezes being the major problem in Fallout New Vegas. When it comes to the PC version, we could try the fix that worked last year with the game (it’s the same engine):

If you have Asus Xsonar, Creative or Realtek sound cards and Fallout New Vegas crashes at start, you should just turn off the GX mode (for Xonar cards). For the others: This DS3D GX thing is part of Xonar’s drivers which is responsible for restoring EAX and multichannel surround sound. Similar to Creative’s Alchemy or Realtek’s 3D SoundBack. Try to disable them, or change the speaker config to stereo. Hopefully this works!

Also, if the game seems to freeze a lot, try tuning down the graphics: a lower resolution and antialiasing or/and anisotropic filtering off… these should stop Fallout New Vegas from freezing and locking up. However, how to stop the constant crashes – that is still a mystery. Hopefully Bethesda will quickly look into the problem and fix it, most likely via a patch. The fact is that Fallout: New Vegas is such a great game and it’s sad to see it plagued by issues.

If you managed to find a fix for the Fallout New Vegas lock-ups and crashes, please let us all know in the comment section below – this way, we’ll have a lot of happy gamers!