Frontierville is not Farmville. You don’t need to fill up your property with crops and animals that you can’t harvest when they’re ready. Players complain that they can’t tend each item but what you need to realize is that you need to live within your energy limits.

This means you need to consider your energy regeneration, bonus energy from visiting neighbors, and the amount of energy you can purchase with your food. This way you’ll know how much you can use and plant crops accordingly.

Two hours is enough to fully recharge your energy in Frontierville. Planting twenty Eggplants is enough to supply you with food and coins. But if you can only play once every day, then stagger long-growing crops. That way you can harvest every day.

You don’t need to have lots of animals either. Maintain animals that are needed to complete Goals. You need at least six sheep, twelve cows, and lots of chickens. When you receive extra animals, you can grow it to adulthood and sell it.

As for fruit trees, keep a small orchard. Don’t worry about not being able to harvest the trees every time they are ready. Fruits don’t wither. Place them together and hire a neighbor to harvest them for you for 50 coins. In return you’ll get food, XP, and sometimes even energy.

These are just some ways to maintain an efficient homestead in Frontierville. Do you have any tips that you want to share?