They always say curves are better. Like Beyonce’s mouth-watering shaking in Crazy In Love, there are just some curves that can’t be beaten. And that appears to be filtering into gaming.

2015 is expected to be the year when curved devices take over the globe in the form of smartphones, TVs and devices of all shapes and sizes.

But why? Do we even need to change out our flat devices which have served us pretty well until now? Well, no you don’t need to, but if you’re a lover of gaming, you probably should…

The Small Curved Screen

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We’ve yet to let the curved TV fully into our consciousness yet, but this year could be the year. Both Samsung and LG believe they are the future, and who are we to argue?

They certainly have their advantages. For one, when you’ve lost your fifth game in a row on FIFA 15 and you wish to throw the PlayStation controller at the screen, curved TVs are a lot stronger than a flat screen, making impact less damaging.

Of course, we’re not expecting you to throw your controller at the TV, and where the curved TV comes into its own is how immersive it can be, particularly these days when you can play games online. Take the online casino market for example. It’s growing quicker than a man’s confidence when raising with a royal flush, yet it doesn’t quite capture the same buzz and spirit as you might get spinning a roulette wheel in a live casino.

However, the curvature of the Samsung HU8500 draws at-home gamblers in by delivering a wraparound effect. This takes online casino games one step closer to the feel of Las Vegas, especially on the high-definition screens we’re accustomed to today. Playing blackjack and roulette via the Full Tilt casino on the new curved devices is as close to a live casino as you can possibly get, and thanks to the likes of Samsung and LG, that’s only going to improve.

And the same applies with games like Call of Duty. We constantly want to get closer to the action. In fact, we want to be as close as we can get without actually having to get a flight to Afghanistan and trying it ourselves. Curved TVs will continue to revolutionize this.

A common reaction from new users of a curved screen is that it makes everything look 3D, which of course is ideal if you want a more realistic experience when gunning down enemy troops. Not only that but you’re also blessed with a wider field of view, turning you into the ultimate warrior.

The Smarter, Curvier Mobile Phone

No we’re not talking about the iPhone 6 after you’ve accidentally sat on it. The curved smartphone could make a real splash this year. Seen as simply a novelty before, we’ll come to realize that they make sense this year, not only for making calls – they reflect the shape of your head! – but for gaming too.

There are several ways we’re seeing curves in mobile at the moment and they all have their advantages.

As you’d expect, both run any game fantastically well. You’ll get top specs in both, but also the shape helps them hugely, particularly for longer gaming sessions.

Which for games like Grand Theft Auto, it’s the perfect shape, making it a more immersive experience as the touchscreen controls mold into the natural shape of our hands during gameplay.

It’s essentially the same concept as the TV, and alongside with being lighter thanks to plastic OLED screens and even the thinness of the device, it’s a huge step forward not only gaming, but for mobile technology as a whole.