mystic-emporiumIf you are waiting for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to be released, but you still want some magic in your life, you could give Merscom’s Mystic Emporium a try, since that’s exactly what it delivers: some casual, fun, magic!

In the game, you will run a shop full of mystical potions and magical monsters that is visited by all sorts of mysterious customers. However, keeping such a shop alive, up and running will be a real challenge and only you will be able to help the witch have her Mystic Emporium turned into a real magical shop!

Over time, the shop earns new upgrades, including new potions, magical artifacts and even a pet phoenix! But as the shop improves, more and more customers come shopping and keep the witch, and the players, busier than ever. If players can keep up with the growing demand, they can turn their little magic shop into the best business in town. Which sounds quite interesting.