Designed by Riot Games, Valorant is the best competitive and tactical shooting game of all time. Recently, Valorant has released a new competitive mode where it allows the players to battle against each other to climb the rank and reach the radiant. This rank system has 8 tiers including iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal, and radiant that go in the same order. Even these individual tiers have their own levels which are three in total, for example, Diamond 1, Diamond 2 and Diamond 3. You will have to climb through all these levels to arrive in the next trial for another competition.

However, raking fast in all these trials is not easy as there are many skill players you are going to be competing with. That’s why we have created this post to help you rank up fast in Valorant. You can also check out to learn cheating techniques for playing Valorant.

How Does Valorant Competitive Mode Work?

Everything works in a certain way in Valonat and so is the competitive mode. Here are some of the things that you need to know to kick off your rank in Valonat.

  1. You first need to complete at least 20 unrated matches to enter into the Competitive mode.
  2. As said before, there are 8 ranks and 3 tiers in each rank. But the top rank, VALORANT is an exception.
  3. You will fall in the queue of 5-player parties who are also within the 2 ranks.
  4. If you don’t play the competitive matches within 14 days, you won’t be able to view the ranks but it won’t keep you behind any player, that’s for sure.

When the competitive mode starts, you will go through five placement matches before getting a ranking. How you are going to get in the position is as told, depending on your performance, KDA, and total rounds won. Recently, they have added a new ELO rating system which will pick two similarly skilled players to choose who is the best between them based on the number of wins. If you want to rank up fast, start practicing more while you are not technically playing.

How to Rank Up Fast in Valorant Competitive Mode?

Practicing more will also help you get more kills which are required to rank up quickly. You need to help your teammates more, use your abilities tactically, and your progress will go smoothly. As the progress goes further, focus more on winning matches and playing well with the squad by applying your special skills. If you see your name in the ranking, you should focus more on your team co-operation and using strategies to get up as quickly as possible. Moreover, when you are new in the Valorant competitive mode, track your score that affects your efficiency level. You can also experiment with different agents in the game and then choose the one that is the most ideal for your gaming style.

But if you are losing matches more than winning matches, it gives a negative impact on your overall performance. You will find yourself getting lower in the rank and if Valorant tracks your inactivity, which it will, you will not be able to find yourself in the queue. Hence, always try to enter into the mode and play a match within 14 days.

Do you want to rank up quickly? Then start winning more games. Even if you are having a bad game, if you can win, that will give you some points to rank up. There is nothing more going to hurt your rank than losing streaks. Even if you don’t put on a show but win a game, that will give you some points to rank up. However, always try to get more wins to get a rank.


These are all some of the simple tactics and basics of the new tactical game, Valorant. But the game developer can also come up with new sets of rules for the competitive mode. Your best choice will be to check in with them regularly to see if they are announcing something new. And as you win a match, you can expect some special agent skins, weapon skins, etc.