How to Make Chain Armor in Minecraft
How to Make Chain Armor in Minecraft

The vast Minecraft world is a place that millions of players enjoy every day. The game offers an immense variety of activities to enjoy. People can make practically anything, making the game an excellent option for creative individuals who like exploring new digital frontiers. That’s the reason why the game became so popular.

No matter if you’re planning to build a whole world, or a slot machine similar to those in fast payout casinos, you have all the necessary tools to do it. In fact, you have all the options in the world as there are no limitations on the types of adventures that you can have. However, to stay safe, you’ll also need strong armor. Chain armor provides the perfect defense against hostile foes in the game. While not as strong as iron armor, it is still much more robust than other types, such as leather armor. That makes it a desirable choice for many players. If you’re thinking of getting one, keep reading to learn how to do it.

How to Make Chain Armor?

Chain armor is one of the rare items you can’t craft in Minecraft. It was possible in the past with fire blocks, but you could obtain them through cheats in the first place. The latest versions of the game don’t even support crafting with fire blocks. Therefore, getting the armor requires the player to explore other options to get all the armor pieces. Here are a couple of things to consider.

How to Get Chain Armor?

There are two ways to get chain armor in Minecraft. One is to trade it for villagers, and the other is to farm them. Let’s get to know each of these methods.


Trading is the easiest way to get chain armor. Once you gather enough emeralds, you’ll get the whole chain armor set. Therefore, the first step is to get emeralds. You can get them by mining them in Extreme Hill biomes. However, finding emerald ore takes plenty of time, making the process quite time-consuming.

It’s much better to approach villagers and trade your items for emeralds. That way, you can get to the precious material you’ll need to offer to the blacksmith. If you’re wondering how many emeralds you’ll need, here’s a rough estimate.

  • Chain helmet – The helmet usually costs five to seven emeralds.
  • Chain chest – Chest is the most expensive piece, and it costs around 11-15 emeralds.
  • Chain leggings – Leggings are usually around ten emeralds.
  • Chain boots – Like the helmet, chain boots require between 5 to 7 emeralds.

There are no fixed prices because different blacksmiths have different pricing. However, once you get around 35 emeralds, you’ll undoubtedly be able to afford them.

The next step is locating the blacksmith in the village. Note that you’ll need to find one with the Armorer Job. They are the only ones who trade chain armors. You won’t find the armor pieces from Tool Smiths and Weapon Smiths. If you can’t find a blacksmith with such occupation, you’ll need to find a village with one available. Then, all you have to do is trade with the armorer and purchase chain mail pieces from him. If he doesn’t have one available, you’ll have to buy other items to improve the blacksmith’s tier. He will have chain mail in his inventory as the tier goes up.


Farming means destroying enemies that have a chance to drop an item you need. Of course, there are other farming approaches that you can use, but for different items. The first step towards growing your chances of finding an item is to set the difficulty to hard. Does the chain mail only appear in the drop pool of the things enemies can drop? Then, it’s time to hunt for specific types of enemies. Only skeletons and zombies can drop the chain armor. The ones that wear them have a higher chance of dropping them. Therefore, you’ll need to find areas where these enemies spawn and kill them to get the loot. Another tip to follow is to use a sword with loot enchantment. It will increase the chance of finding the armor piece, allowing you to find it quicker.


As you can see, finding the chain armor is quite simple. You can either trade for it or farm for it in the wild. The quicker approach is to gather enough emeralds so you can purchase all the armor pieces from a blacksmith. If you’re looking for a quick way to get to your chainmail, it’s the best approach. Still, if you want to explore the dangerous areas and practice your skeleton and zombie hunting skills, they will drop the armor for you. Don’t forget to set the difficulty to hard before starting, and good luck farming for your next armor set.