It’s been in every gamer’s fantasy to create the ultimate PC gaming room – some would even trade their own souls for one, if it was up to them! The picture of ambient lighting, a drool-worthy desktop and liquid cooled computer interiors, as well as limited-edition items are some of the things that make gamers cringe with delight. However, creating the ultimate lair is going to cost, but here are a few pointers that will help you get started in the right direction.


Apart from your gaming PC, the first thing you should consider is your monitor. When it comes to the gaming world, you require a monitor designed for gaming and capable of handling detailed, fast moving images at full-screen size. A 20-inch or more monitor should offer you enough screen space for a proper experience, no matter the worlds you are currently exploring.


In the PC gaming world, keyboards reign supreme with dozens of keys and hundreds of unique commands availed to your fingertips. Gaming keyboards have gamers in mind with powerful features and precision parts, and they are the best keyboards on the market. Choose a gaming keyboard with swappable keycaps, mechanical switches, backlighting, programmable keycaps and you’ll have a better experience customizing it to your gaming preference.

Keyboard Alternatives
Regular keyboards do not offer you a purpose built ergonomic design. To experience the next level in control and comfort, consider using gaming keypads and gamepads. These nifty gadgets are perfect for gaming with thumb-mounted controls extending the capability for joysticks, opening up the possibility of complete one-handed play.

Gaming Mice and Surfaces
Just as gaming keyboards bring sensibilities to a mundane keyboard, gaming mice are much better than your normal point-and-click mouse. Your most basic gaming mice offer you high-grade optical sensors, high-quality button switches and ergonomic design. Most choices on the market offer you adjustable shape, size and weight, letting you customize your mouse to fit in your hand perfectly.

While you can choose a mouse that is specifically made for gaming, many overlook an essential component when it comes to controlling the mouse – the mouse pad. The mouse pad should offer you a larger surface than their office equivalents so your hand movement is not restricted.

A layer of plastic or foam rubber can make a huge difference, which is why you should find a pad that works with your gameplay style.

Speakers and Headsets

There’s more to gaming than just visuals. Music is used for setting the mood or the sound of crunching footsteps warns you of that approaching enemy, and you will want to hear every bit of sound in any game. For that to occur, you need a good pair of PC speakers.

Great pair of gaming headsets are critical if you are playing online games and coordinating strategy with a team, or if you just want to play your games without the annoying chatter of co-workers (but make sure you do so after work hours or you will need legal assistance from Joyce E. Smithey) for example, or friends behind you. Wireless headsets offer you the convenience of standing up and walking around as you listen to the PC; however, wired sets offer more power at a lower price.

Gamers and gaming accessories manufacturers are always on the watch for the latest, and new devices are making their way onto the market promising enhanced control, comfort and ability to bring the game closer to you. While the accessories are varied and less common, some of them include cord bungees, a pair of gaming gloves, glasses to reduce eyestrain, and gaming chairs. Other choices include repainting the gaming room and putting up LED lights.