Soccer is a game that requires a lot of skill, and there are no two ways about that. If this wasn’t the case, then we would not have players who are worth $40 million and continue to stack up fortunes while playing the game. 

However, to get to the very top of soccer is a combination of determination, physical prowess, talent, and dumb luck. To speak of soccer at the highest level as a player is the privilege of too few players.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on soccer altogether. As it turns out, there are many benefits you can extract from playing soccer just by focusing on playing recreationally with your friends. 


Many people who try to play poker find out that running through a 45-minute half is very hard. Keeping up your stamina, your desire to play, and general determination to win is equally challenging. That is why soccer is one of the best games that will teach you actual perseverance.

Perseverance is not always a skill we are born into, so it’s important to cultivate it. Soccer can be this “growing tool,” as it will put you in a fixed environment where your entire team will be pushing towards the same end goal, and with a good reason, too. 

Teaching people how to endure even against all challenges is important. Fans who watch their soccer team play may not be aware, but there are a lot of things going on in players’ minds, and that is why it’s important to appreciate a team even if they are losing. It’s human to want to give up on a desperate situation, but it’s through soccer’s rigorous training that you learn not to. 


Soccer is a great decision-making tool. Not only does it teach people how to make a quick decision “on their feet,” as it were – the game also provides you with the opportunity to explore complicated scenarios. Even if you are not a player, you will still find out that soccer betting, for example, comes with some complex decisions if you want to turn a wager into a success.

The first thing you do is to look at the football fixed odds, and this is the best way to pursue a successful resolution of any wager. However, behind those odds, there is a lot of data that reads into the probability of each team winning one way or another. Soccer players do not bet, but fans do!

As a player, decision-making is a constant part of the game. Do you attack a little further, or do you pass the ball onto the other player? All players know never to be greedy with the ball and pass it onto the next player, but who that player is and what it would lead to next are important parts of the decision-making process.


Understandably, a key component to any form of success is teamwork. While there are certainly integral components to the success of a team, the whole unit has to work well together. After all, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, great as they are, cannot carry a team on their own simply because the opposing team has solid players in every spot.

In other words, a team must work together to win, regardless of its skill level. It’s required that a squad master’s team play so that it can translate this into more successes along the way. Players need a lot of training to get this right, but when they do, the entire play goes up a notch. 

It’s important to avoid toxicity in a team. If a player is not up on par with the rest of the team, they can be benched, but during their entire stay with said team, they should be trying to push hard to do better. Negativity will only take down an entire enterprise, and it’s never worth spending or dwelling too much on. For those players out there who truly care about success, teamwork will be an honest top priority. 

Better Health 

Naturally, soccer will teach you how to stay healthy. The rigorous training regime will drill your body into shape no matter how out of it you are. You will immediately notice significant improvements in your cardiovascular system and enjoy an overall boost in your health that will translate into better sleep and general quality of life. 

Soccer is a source of youth even if you are not playing competitively, and the many different exercises and muscles involved in it will definitely make it easy for you to see a significant improvement in your health. Most people would just give up on soccer because it’s somewhat challenging in terms of exercise, but if you find out a pace you are comfortable with, you are set to reap all the rewards. 

The general health benefits of soccer are many, of course. It will help you trim your excess fat and build muscle strength and flexibility. You will notice significant improvements in your aerobic endurance and will offset a number of conditions for decades if you exercise properly—all through soccer.

Forces You to Accept Difficulty

One of the greatest mental upsides of soccer is that it teaches you to defeat. Even the most successful players in history suffer defeats, and how they handle those is important to ensure that they will similarly handle themselves with dignity. 

Some players tend to be volatile and deny the fact of defeat, but these players learn over time the hard lessons that life isn’t just a string of victories, no matter how skilled you are at a given game or métier. Instead, life is full of surprises, and we cannot fully control it all.

A slipper patch of grass there, a misstep there, and your team has suddenly ended up one point behind the opponent. That’s alright because if you can go through these moments calmly, you will be back on top.