"Nobody gets me Bitcoins!" by Zach Copley (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The gaming industry is perhaps one of the most rapidly evolving and changing industries there is in 2017. With talk of virtual reality on the rise as Sony passes the 1 million sales mark for the PS VR device, and mobile gaming, courtesy of quick play games such as Clash of Clans or Angry Birds changing the very nature of the way in which we game on the move, we could yet see another huge development if the world of gaming starts to be easily paid for by Bitcoin.

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin, then you must have been shielded from the news for a while, as the world’s first cryptocurrency has gone from being something of a novelty to a game-changing currency and investment option that avoids the complications of slow transactions, complex government control, and has been made so secure that it is now perceived as a legitimate way to keep money secure in turbulent times – even more so than buying gold.

Until now, though, one slight issue with Bitcoin had been ease of spending, but that is rapidly changing thanks in large part to the world of gaming.

Xbox Takes the Lead

Back in 2014, Microsoft started to accept Bitcoin payments for Xbox games and Windows apps, giving the currency its first chance to seriously be accepted in the mainstream world of gaming, but this isn’t all that has happened to make gaming a welcoming arena for Bitcoin.

XBOX ONE @ Gamescom” by Marco Verch (CC BY 2.0)

Perhaps the niche where Bitcoin has had its biggest impact is bitcoin gambling on sites such as Crypto-Games, which has risen in popularity thanks to its ability to give gamers the chance to win twice over; gamers can not only win their  prizes, but can also see the value of that win increase exponentially should the value of Bitcoin continue to rise. While this may sound far-fetched, there are a fair few stories like this one that prove that the value of Bitcoin can make people very rich indeed.

As well as the chance to win twice over, the fact that Bitcoin transactions can be carried out very quickly and incurring far lower overheads compared to a regular online transaction means that the casinos can offer better odds to consumers, resulting in bigger and better bonuses and welcome offers, as well as ongoing VIP specials.

Where Might Bitcoin Take Gamers?

While all of these developments have been intriguing, the question that always needs to be asked is what is in it for you if you’re involved in the world of gaming. After all, Bitcoin’s involvement in this world is only going to be seriously interesting if it becomes personally relevant to you.

Well, with Bitcoin allowing brands to operate at lower costs for reasons we’ve already outlined, the ability to use Bitcoin on platforms like Steam, the Apple app store, and even in gaming shops would allow gamers the chance to continue to enjoy their current games but at potentially far lower costs. Should this happen, then this development in the world of gaming could be viewed as far more important and exciting than any changes in augmented or virtual reality technology as it will keep money in consumers’ pockets, where it belongs!