What is big data and how is it beneficial?

Understanding big data and data analyses looking at how online casinos have used it to attract, convert and retain their players

Just as gigantic and gargantuan as it is, the online casino industry remains thankful to technology, for offering it the possibility to renovate in order to attract and constantly retain its players through its many assets that are; the adrenaline, the crazy variety of games, huge prizes and bonuses to name a few. This is another reason why the industry is still so popular is big data. Casinos like Roulette77 have made big data a priority in their list of strategies. Its use has made online casinos the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge online businesses.

Some of the first online games, inherited from online casinos, are still appreciated by millions of people around the world and the industry is constantly using new technologies already proven to complete and refine the gaming experience.

How big data has boosted the online casino industry

First, amongst the several ways to use Big Data, gambling websites have collected, in addition to personal data, vivid data on the player via the loyalty card, interaction elements such as amounts spent, hours, frequencies and dates of connection to the game space to the favorite slot machines. With all this data at their disposal, it makes it easy to analyze the data available on targeted players who have not played at the casino in “X” months and encourage them to return, those who spent an average of “Y” sum of money to offer them half in free games or determine where to place slot machines through the players’ course.

Voice and facial recognition, games adapted to each person’s abilities, gestural recognition meet the interests of both parties.

The casino market is increasingly competitive, which is why big data is among its strategies. Thanks to companies like New Relic that manage all the data of big data science, gaming halls and casinos have managed to make the gaming experience better for customers. Some large casino resorts, especially in Las Vegas, are using mathematical analysis and big data to get to know their customers better and know where they are spending money when they stay at the hotel, be it on a particular slot machine or a slot machine, dinner at one of the restaurants. The data analysis also allows the casinos to study the habits of their players, which games are the most popular and which are the hotel services, spa or restaurant that they most enjoy. The giant MGM Resorts used data analysis tools to know the performance of each of its resorts, making better decisions regarding budget and business accounts in real time.

For online casinos, retention is another key element for their growth. With big data you can do many things, including allowing casinos to know what their customers need, and that can be used to increase retention when you know the weaknesses of the online casino. A good example of this are the offers, new promotions and bonuses for player loyalty such as the welcome bonuses of betway casino that offer 500 euros to new players and valid for the next 7 days.

Big data facilitates the identification of trends in both directions; casinos can take advantage of this to provide solutions to any threat by a competitor or by their own consumers. Online casinos have access to very large volumes of data, they can be broken down and interpreted in real time in order to be more effective and offer a better user experience.